Never give your bird just seeds. It is well known that birds given a varied diet with Veggies and Pellets enjoy better health and live longer. Achieve this in a simple
manner with no hassels. Here is a great recipe that worked very well for me. All my Birds are eating this happily and enjoying it. No more worries about converting to Veggies/Pellets !! Wish I knew this before.

1. Boiled Vegetable such as a small carrot stick, chick peas etc., (For chick peas etc., remove all skin and use only the inside. Can prepare more and refrigerate in advance,)
2. Regular Bird Seed two spoons (Budgie, Tiel etc.,), eventually it is better to prepare and use sprouts than just using seeds.
3. Pellets - One Spoon
4. Fruit Juice: I use Orange juice one or two spoons. (Try other juices later on).

Squash the boiled veggie by hand and make fine paste. Add to feeding dish. Add the bird seed and pellets to this. Add Orange juice to this mixture and mix everything. Allow to soak for twenty minutes and mix again. Offer to birds. If there are any veggies and pellets left from the squash in the evening I simply add more seed to this and offer again. Since the taste of the pellet/veggies with the juice is passed on to the seeds which they have to eat, slowly they start trying everything and enjoying. Wash dish well and prepare a fresh mix everyday.

For Starters use mainly carrot and orange juice and change slowly a little at a time after two weeks. Don't make too many changes too fast. Let them develop, acquire the taste. If your bird is seems hesitant or has been on an all seed diet for too long, use 75% seed and gradually over a period of time reduce the seed content. Under any circumstances don't make sudden changes.

The recipe is very flexible in that you can also remove on or more ingredients or try more than one vegetable or also add squashed fruits like apple (without the seed etc.,) What I gave here is just the basic skeletal recipe. If you find some interesting modifications please share with me.

B. Bird Treat/Replacement for Honey Stick.

Toast Bread and cut a small strip of it from one end. Then paste this strip with jelly. Finally place the bird seed on top of this jelly surface and press lightly. It will stick. Attach to side of cage inside.

Seeing my birds eat this with great amazement and enjoy is one of the most amazing priceless moments in my life. Both of these are simple to prepare, inexpensive and are enjoyed by my birds. Moreover, once they start eating more veggies/pellets the inconvenience caused by seed hulls, having them thrown around and cleaning them etc., is greatly reduced, more so as the present food is in the form of a paste. Wish I had known all this earlier. Still better late than never.

Comments/Suggestions are welcome. Please suggest this recipe to others who may find it useful.
Have fun and let me know how it worked for you.


Note: I have tried this with Budgies and Tiels. Feel it should work for other birds as well.

More Facts:
1. Don't expect too fast results.
2. Since the paste sticks to the birds face, this may have to be wiped well after the meal.
3. Don't feed them until they are hungry and start showing signs that they need food.
4. Presenty, in order for the flavor to soak in better into the seed, I am preparing the mixture overnight for next day or atleast a few hours in advance.
5. If after a few meals the birds show some resistance to the recipe, give them every regular seed for every other meal or every other day one meal seed and slowly make this less regular. This will help in smooth transition.
6. If you are concerned of Bacteria then for each meal use only a little more than the portion that your birds eat for one meal. Store the rest in a refrigerator.
7. Prepare the mixture in front of them very slowly. For the birds this is equivalent of selling the sizzle before the steak. Do as much preparation as possible in front of them. Mix very slowly for about two to three minutes in close proximity to them !!
8. After a while, change the ingredients a little bit to offer menu/variety. Make it surprising for them to come for a meal. Make sure this doesn't create a drastic change for them. (Here is an interesting variety from

My own 15 parrots eat a Cream of Wheat/carrot baby food slop in the morning, and sometimes mashed bananas too. They have pellets, seed and some veggies and fruits during the day. In the evening they get a warm bean/rice/veggie mix.)

9. Something I learned: For veggies always use boiled carrot. If you wish to add another veggie, use 75% carrot and 25% of the other veggie.
10. Here is an Interesting Variation: Try just water and omit the entire juice portion. This will get them to taste the true veggie/pellet flavor.
AVOID: Avocado, chocolate, Onion, caffeine, salt, spices, seeds of apples, too much banana, etc., If in doubt better check on the net about each vegetable/fruit before using.
11. To the paste add just a few of the following -regular pellets, some pieces of veggies and also some regular seeds if giving sprouts etc., so that the birds get to satisfy their desire for this and know what exactly they are eating.
12. If your bird likes to eat from your hand, spend some time atleast few times a week and feed by hand directly, any soft foods such as couscous or small piece of new veggies, moist soft pellets etc., This interaction will be a great pleasurable experience to bond with your bird.
13. Add a few drops of honey before adding/mixing food for your bird. Or even add it on top of the mixed food !!! Makes it a great treat to enjoy.

Another fast recipe I realized:
Bird seeds + Tomato Paste(Always Available in Can)+ Pellets+Honey
They atleast get some veggies from the above.