Subject: Stolen macaw and African grey (Fresno area)

Stolen - African grey and macaw - Fresno area On Saturday May 26, 2007 at 8:00am, (in Fresno area) thieves used bold cutters to remove the locks, then stole my sister's Congo African Grey and Blue and Gold Macaw parrots from her backyard. This has been a devastating event for my sister Sandi, since she is single and loves them like children. Both birds are attached to each other as their cages have been next to each other for the last 15 years.
Sandi is very concerned about their stress levels because they are extremely attached to her and their environment. Because we believe that the thieves may sell them to unsuspecting buyers who won't be able to handle them they
may be sold again or be abandoned or become rescue birds. We are asking you to please save this letter so if in the future month when birds that may fit their description come across your path you would please contact us.

Roady - An African Grey has lived with Sandi for over 20 years and has never been sexed. She was full feathered and very healthy. Some of her favorite words "Sandi, or Sandra" She whistles the Andy Griffin Show theme song and other names she calls are "Johnny, Major and Milo " She likes to imitate a rooster, peacock, hammer, telephone, mumble on phone, kitten, dog barking,
moos like a cow (lives a on dairy) whispers "Shhhh, be quiet! Makes kissing
noises, Donald Duck voice and giggles with Major.

Major - A Blue and Gold Macaw is 15 years old and has been raised by Sandi since she was 6 weeks old and was surgery sexed. Major was full feathered and healthy but can only be handled by Sandi. She does have a titanium band on her right foot, not sure if the number is still visible. She did lose a large number of feathers in the struggle when she was stolen. Her favorite
phrases, "Milo,get the ball! and screams Milo's name. She screams the word "Mom" HI! HI! HI! "Grace, Out! Out! Out!" "Ouch, stop that!" And screams like a little girl(from the
neighborhood). "Good boy, Major!"

Our main concern is the bird's safety and getting them home as soon as possible with limit amount of stress. No questions asked, just want their safe return.

Sandi Lea, Laton, CA 93242
(559) 287-3600, (559) 923-4305

Shella Caroni, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
(805) 473-0304 shellacar@yahoo.com

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