rom the Parrot Rescue Centre 9 November 2005 issue Newsletter

The Parrot Society of Australia have organised a special meeting event for November that will feature none other than Steve Martin - perhaps the finest and best known avian trainer in the world. This is an incredible opportunity to listen to Steve talk and see him in action. The event will include a PowerPoint presentation by Steve, followed by some hands on demonstrations with parrots and some Q&A time. This will be Steve's only public presentation on the east coast of Australia so it's certainly an event that anyone involved with companion parrots should attend. To find out a little more about Steve go to

This event will be held on the 27th of November, 2005. Venue details are yet to be confirmed however it will definitely be held in Brisbane. There will be a cost involved with proceeds beyond expenses going towards the new Conservation, Research & Education Trust that the Parrot Society has formed.

If you are keen to attend then you will need to contact:
Stewart Williamson (Parrot Society of Australia President)
on 07-3289 2523 or

Bookings are essential for this event and places will be limited.

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