My mother used to say "Women have very little patience and men have none." which only taught me that such generalizations will get you in trouble. So I set out to disprove her hypothesis.On Craigslist I rescued two gorgeous LSC2 ?.Lesser Sulphur-Crested cockatoos. Both males, they have learned to love each other as well as me. I live in San Diego county, it's 75 today so we get to go "Walkies" almost daily. The I'm the birdman in my neighborhood. But as kevinmc2013 points out, you can NEVER forget they are wild animals with the same fight or flight instincts that you and I have. It has come to my attention that the bigger the bird the badder the bite. (I know, not always) but getting bit thru both your lips would be the definition of Horrific. (see above, Lovebirds)
I am very hands on with my boys, they enjoy a full body massage everyday and as a result I'm bitten very rarely but when it does happen they are what I characterize as "Band-Aid bites" No stitches. Just wash, disinfect, bandage. Gently reprimand and get right back to having fun with them. We laff a lot together and they CAN learn what "NO" means. I have always been very close to my animal friends. They're some of my fondest memories but I had never known how dear these most beautiful creatures could become to me. Forget the bites if you can, but remembering they're
extreme sensitivity, never lose the love of your avian friends.
Most days they are the wind beneath MY wings.