For some reason Harry decided he doesn't like my husband anymore, I had Harry out for playtime and when my husband walked in the room Harry flew on him ran up his arm and bit his earlobe, then flew off. Needless to say my husband was upset but this has not stopped him from trying. When Harry is in his cage my husband will walk over Harry would try and bit through the cage and after a few days that stopped, So my husband tried waking over and petting him and Harry was fine, so then he tried petting him and gave Harry a treat as a reward. ( keep in mind that when my husband was at work I let Harry out for playtime)The other day Harry was out my husband came home from work Harry came down from his perch on to the floor crown up and went to bite my husbands shoe. My husband stepped back told Harry no took a few steps back Harry followed, Harry was told no again from my husband and walked out of the room. Yesterday Harry's out husband walks in, crown up, yelling Harry stays on his cage but won't let my husband near him so my husband says hello and leaves the room.
I have poured over this site on the subject. Any other suggestions we can try? I have to give it to my husband he tries everyday and I know is getting a little discouraged.

Karen & Harry