Just got the full history on our U2. His last 10 years have been happy but the previous owner fed him a diet of hard rolls and coffee and opened her door and let him fly out. Said he returned after a week or so because he was "hungry." (we live in the Northeast so who knows what the weather was) This just broke my heart to think of such a sad, sad past. He is really opening up to us now and we are fortunate to have him feel so comfortable with us after only a little more than a week with us. He seems very content and loves shredding all his new toys especially the coconut husk. Makes a happy mess everywhere. Loves coming out of his cage and being a full member of our flock. He has really brightened up our home and is a true family member smile

Nothing is as beautiful as the eyes of a Too

Member of the Flock of "Al"adeen U2