This one is terrible -- the owner is 94 years old.

LOS ANGELES -- A yellow-head Panamanian parrot named Menso and his cage were
taken off a resident's front porch July 9. The beloved pet talks and sings
in different languages and sometimes "cries" and mimics a chicken, according
to reports.

At 50 or so years old, Menso's no spring "chicken," according to Cecilia
Hernandez. She says her 94-year-old father, Alex Castro, taught the mostly
lime green bird just about everything he knows.

Witnesses said they saw two men in a silver Honda walk up to the gate at
11023 West Honda Parkway, stroll up to the front porch and whisk the parrot
and cage away. Hernandez says that took a lot of nerve and she does not know
why anyone would do such a thing.

What she does know is that Menso is like one of her father's children.

She asks anyone who knows the bird's whereabouts to call her at (626)
444-1672. The family is offering a $200 reward for the bird's safe return.