The article is about Quaker parrot populations in Florida and talks about what they try to do to get rid of them and what a problem they are:,0,3132272.story?coll=bal-nationworld-headlines

I don't know why they're so baffled as to WHY the parrots use the power stations to build their nests. First, with less and less trees due to human overpopulation down here, they have less for choices. There are more and more power stations added to provide more electricity for all these humans which provide the Quakers with the alternative to trees.

As for a solution I wonder if building a "dummy" tier ABOVE the actual power structures would work. Wouldn't it stand to reason that they would prefer to build the nests at the topmost spots? Of course, I'm no expert so I'm not sure what flaws could come to light with a plan like that...

We see Quakers all over down here in FL and we love seeing them flying around freely (the way all parrots should be!) We've seen some efforts to get rid of them and it is true that they come back with a vengeance. We had a hotel near-by who knocked a nest out of a palm tree and within the next week we saw those birds working diligently to rebuild. Now EVERY palm tree near that hotel has a nest in it and there are more Quakers there than ever!

I have to laugh to think that they actually tried using scarecrows, as Quakers seem like they're not afraid of much. They've got a lot of heart! And a noisemaker must be something the Quakers want to join in with or compete with, lol! Lasers I don't even understand...

Really, the extermination of wild parrots steams me. It seems they could try to find an alternative. For those who don't know (I didn't) what 'Pandion' is here's a link:

I know there's a huge population of wild parrots here in FL (mostly Quakers but also Conures and others) but I truly hope they find something better than extermination. Maybe the people who they've asked opinions of are not the right people...

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If you must cripple a creature
to keep it, perhaps you should
reconsider its suitability as a pet.