I have been noticing allot lately that people are making posts without thinking of the consequences of their wording or what it seems it is promoting...like having their bird on their shoulder or taking birds outside without harnesses or carrier.

For a New Member or lurker it may seem like it is perfectly fine to do this and they could potentially loose their birds.I personally do not want to see this happen.I understand some people can do this with ease (for now) but it is not the message mytoos should send out to anyone.I mean lets face it...some Professional Free Flight Trainers have lost their flock mate while free flying and some are not recovered.

When posting something that can be a danger to our flock but may be safe for our own lets put some thought into our posts and at least make a disclaimer in our posts for the sake of others.

For example I allow some of my birds on my shoulder.If I was posting something about that or posting a pic of my bird on my shoulder I might say...

while it is ok for Bailey to be on my shoulder as he has earned this right ..I however do not suggest everyone and every bird be allowed on the shoulder because there is huge risk of injury to yourself with one bite that can happen very fast and some day I may get bit but I also know the risk and know it would be my own fault.

Or something along those lines.Thank you for understanding.


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