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#203437 - 07/03/09 02:34 AM Many questions about a Goffins  
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berlie Offline
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Joined: Jun 2009
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Well, the newbie is here to post her questions ... I searched for a couple of days on this site to see if the same questions have been answered and I didn't find anything (I'm also quite the 'puter 'tard) so forgive me and direct me if they have ...

I am a volunteer at a local rescue and 6 wks ago found a G2 had been dropped off. She was frightened of the bigger birds and I let her out and we sat and visited for awhile...
I decided that I'd like to foster her because of her anxiety and she was almost completely bald (just a little pin feather fluff).
I contacted her previous parent and chatted on the phone for a while. She bought her as a baby (I don't know how old) and has been her only care-giver. She spoiled her- so when she wasn't holding her, the bird would scream. From what I gathered, her husband was not as patient and threatened bodily harm to the bird.

She's been in my home for 6 wks. She's friendly, however timid to step up. She dances, sings, talks, and is a general attention attracting clown. I've never had a Too before. She does bite down on my fingers when she doesn't want to do what I say but she's never drawn blood yet... She's not a "screamer." Just the typical stuff.
She is a little imp, but seems willing to learn ...

I cannot clean cages at the rescue because we have soooo many Toos and the dander gets to me. So here's my question....

What is your honest opinion of me keeping her? Her dander doesn't bother me too badly so far. I do smell her when I get close to the cage (all the birds have their own distinct odor). I have no other pets besides the 2 other birds. No small children. A patient husband.
I do however work 8 hours a day out of the house. I don't vacation. And when I'm home, the cage doors are open.

How does a Goffins compare to the larger Toos? What am I getting into? Do I have the personality and life-style that will give her a wonderful, enriching, forever home?
Will I be sorry if I keep her forever?

Any opinions, thoughts, comments would be greatly appreciated. If I haven't made myself clear, please ask and I'll try to clarify.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you!!

#203440 - 07/03/09 03:36 AM Re: Many questions about a Goffins [Re: berlie]  
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ZazuSally Offline
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Only you can decide what you can live with. There are things you can do to mimimize dander. I have 2 female goffins, both rehomes. Goffins are high energy birds. I am away from home 11 hours a day and my birds do fine. It's what I put into the time that I am at home with them that matters. I also have 2 greys and they are also powder down birds. Lots of people on this board have goffins and can give you plenty of advice on how to live with this bird.

You said " She does bite down on my fingers when she doesn't want to do what I say but she's never drawn blood yet". The definitive word here is "yet". If you continue to make her do things she does not want to do, I can guarantee you, she will eventually draw blood. You need to set her up to succeed and by that I mean you need to find out the things ie food she values and use those to get the behaviours you want. In my case, I use pine nuts (they only get them for requested behaviour), sunflower seeds for Nikki and praise/tickles for Zazu.

Zazu and Nikki are my high maintenance birds but I wouldn't trade them for the world. They keep me on my toes. I will say, however, that they are not for everyone. Just be sure you go into this with your eyes wide open.


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#203442 - 07/03/09 03:43 AM Re: Many questions about a Goffins [Re: berlie]  
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Welcome to Mytoos!

Your allergy to 'Too dust is a concern. There is no way of knowing how your body will react over time. A good air filtration system will help to keep the dust down, but will not eliminate it. There are also other ways to reduce the amount of dust that becomes airborne, such as misting the cage papers before changing. I know a couple of people that have had to give up their 'Toos (after years of exposure) due to respiratory issues with either themselves, 'Toos, or other dusty birds. You need to ask yourself how severe your allergies are when exposed to the birds at the rescue and think about what you would do in the event it posed a problem. Are they severe enough that you would have to re-home her? Perhaps your allergy is something you should discuss with your physician and see if there is any testing or the possiblity of some type of medication to keep your allergy in check.

You will finds lots of threads here concerning Goffin's. Use the advanced search feature and use the key word/s Goffin, Goffin's, or G2. I have large cockatoos and I also have 2 older, imported G2's. Goffin's are high-energy birds and while not quite as loud as their relatives the Umbrella's or Moluccan's they are very noisy. They are big cockatoos jam packed in a pint size body - LOL! From what I have read from others here, hand-reared G2's are prone to feather destructive behavior. My 2 are in perfect feather, but they are not captive bred/human imprinted.

Many of our members here balance a full time job outside the home and successfully manage cockatoos as well. I do not work outside the home, so I will leave that up to other members here to discuss with you.

As far as your personality, etc., only you can really answer that. If you commit to this bird you are making a lifetime commitment, for better for worse. I can safely say that your life will never be the same. One thing you must consider in the equation is if you have the financial ability to properly care for this bird. Besides being loud, messy and destructive they are very expensive. Proper housing, toys, enrichment, food and the cost of proper veterinary care. Not to mention replacing your stuff that will get ruined.

You also need to consider your smaller birds in the household. Do you have the ability to give them all sufficient out of cage time and keep them all safe?? A G2 can do considerable damage to a conure or QP. We've had some members here lose a smaller bird or suffer severe injuries at the beaks of their 'Toos. The stories are heartbreaking.

As for the biting, please go to our Applied Behavior forum and read the articles posted. If the bird is clamping down on your finger because she doesn't want to do what is asked, the articles will be of great importance to you and your bird. You need to use lots of positive reinforcement and the bird should never be put in the position of having to bite (even gently) to communicate with you. They need to be given choices and then it's up to you to set them up to succeed in making the right choices.

Another thing you need to consider if this bird has been properly vetted. If not, it should be done right away for the safety of all the birds in the household.

Good luck in your decision and happy reading. I'm sure others will be in to offer further assistance.

ETA: LOL Bev, we were replying at the same time.

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