Some questions have come in about not being able to help with cockatoos and parrots needing new homes. Some people cannot find the "rules" about who is eligible for this. This is the wonderful part of a private board. The rules can be made upon a daily basis. The rules about this for today, and I hope forever:
  • Mytoos does not "help" members rehome, find homes or otherwise assist in these activities unless we have an established member in serious need. We do not do this period, unless a clear plan can be developed by senior members and then it is just to provide communication links. These activities will develop in the course of normal "help" threads.
  • Mytoos staff will decide who is eligible to help and to what extent. If you are a newbie, forget it! What is a "newbie"? The staff will decide that.
  • The staff will not go to extreme measures to help or develop help plans. If a viable plan seems to be coming together, we will help set up communications so that the interested parties can execute the plan.
  • Cockatoos needing new homes is one of the MAIN reason's Mytoos exists. Life changes and,unfortunately, cockatoos get caught right in the middle through absolutely no fault of their own. If you take a cockatoo or other large parrot into your home, you can never know what is going to happen to you and your circumstances. One needs to seriously consider how stable one's life is prior to adopting these birds. If WE believe things are happening that are beyond the control of a member or that the member has done everything in their power to help resolve the situation, WE may decide to help assist in another plan. If the member is a ass that jumped in over their head and are absolutely not prepared for what they are doing, then we have no desire to help. The cockatoo suffers, like thousands of them do daily, and MAYBE someone else reading about the situation will say "Boy, what an idiot! I don't want to end up like that and I don't want a bird to suffer like that!" Mytoos has then provided a service, to convey a lesson!
  • Lessons are our business. Saving cockatoos is not.
  • Anything not covered in these rules will be covered by the staff as the situations arise.

These rules subject to change. grin