We're finding more and more people asking us about the various handicaps bird suffer - just last night we had a lady email that her quaker lost his beak to her african grey and shes devastated - not sure what to do now and her vet has told her it will never grow back(we know this CAN be true, but 1/2 the ppl we have talked to have seen regrowth in their birds)the bird is still at the vet hosp and she picks him up later today - we will guide her through the process - including the guilt aspect of it..

We are designing a page for our site that is for the various handicaps and to answer the questions "what now" this includes diet/cage modification/behavior issues that arise and of course the guilt we all feel when something happens and we KNOW it could have been prevented.

We are able to supply knowledge in areas of beak loss - toe loss and of course Kaylan who has NO toes at all - just stumps - leg loss and of course now total blindness - where I need some extra knowledge and photos if possible is on wing loss - I know birds lose them for various reasons and we have yet to have one come in with this issue, but I know some of you on this board do have amputees and I would greatly appreciate being able to share your story and photo of what happened and what you did to assist the bird in learning how to live with the disability - this would include the vet visits, their prognosis - any meds that did/did not work and the cage mods that you had to do - any obstacles that you found in your way or that caused your bird discomfort..
Example: When Seymore lost his beak, he didn't know he lost it, so he tried to continue playing the way he always did - the toys in his cage fit into his mouth and put pressure on the area where he lost the beak - this caused it to bleed and caused him pain - we had to remove all chain/paulie rope toys..thats just one thing we had to modify..

Accidents happen and are pretty scary for all involved when they do - we want to provide an informative page with things to watch for - we will be collaborating with our Avian Vet to ensure we have "factual" information as well as "hands on" experience from those who have had an injury occur with their bird.

The facts are meant to be used "after" the incident happened - vet treatment is the first and most crucial step to take - we won't provide any substitutes for home remedies to save someone money(yes, someone actually asked).

I would greatly appreciate your experience/s - you can email them to *******.

Mods, if you need to remove the email I understand - you can pass it on to whomever wishes to email me in regards to this.

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