As many of you know, Mytoos does not allow e-mail exchange or private messaging. There are reasons for that and I would like to keep it that way.

With all the discussions about things like Mira's film, sweater making, ABA, etc., I have noticed that many of you would like to be able to communicate in a more social fashion. There is an alternative. Many of you are members of For the Birds, a site I like to consider a sister site because we have the same core beliefs about breeding and selling parrots. For the Birds does not concentrate on Cockatoos. Mona has generously offered to let any Mytoos members join For the Birds and use their messaging service, if they would find that helpful.

If you decide to join For the birds, please realize that their agenda is in step with ours so behave accordingly and realize that troublemakers are no more appreciated there than here (and will be dealt with accordingly)! smile

I will add the link below as well as the one in the text. Thank you to the Admin and Moderator teams at: