All we as Administrators and Moderators ask of the members of the board is that you follow some board ettiquette and the agenda of Mytoos.

We are here to help people conduct a healthy and safe relationship with the campanions they have and sharing their homes with. We do see huge risks involved with having a large bird especially on your shoulder and we have a bite forum to prove it. Look at what happened to Mark in the very first post that Charlie posted...


This man knows birds and it can happen to any one of us like this so fast.We only want for members new and old to set up for success and safety.I am not sure why this has to be questioned.

We ask you do not post this type of conduct on the board for members to read and say well they have had their birds that long and nothing happened.We only want the best here.

Any other conduct that puts members and birds at risk like free flying(without proper guidence and help) should be refrained from as well on the board. It is a delicate matter and I salute to those who do it professionally with the right people helping them succeed with this but there are places other than here to discuss that.

Any posting in the future will be deleted when we see fit to do so.I should hope that as adults you respect our decisions and you will not get a response as to why we deleted the content.We will just delete it so no posting questions about why it was removed or trying to debate it.You will not be entertained by our responses.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

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