Everyone - Here is a copy and paste of this e-mail. I am hoping you can help me help this Rescue.

Hi Karen & Lynda-

All Cockatoos have major screaming issues. I have had my rescued U2 for a year and it hardly lets up...they are wild creatures and this is the norm, not an anomoly. However, I belong to a Cockatoo board that has helped me tremendously with my Lucy and may be able to help us with this. I will post this onto that Board (Real Cockatoo Facts).

Karen (and Lucy - U2 and Pina - BCC)

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Farfey is a 17 year old female Umbrella Cockatoo whose Dad passed away and his Mom couldn't take her with her when she relocated to live with her son up north. She was purchased as a baby and had the same home all this time. She's been in two foster homes for 3 months the first time, and for over a month the second time. Neither home has worked out because she has major screaming issues.

Farfey's pattern of behavior starts with a "honeymoon period" wherein she seems to be the perfect bird. This can last from two weeks to a month until she bonds with her human "mate". All normal behavioral modification techniques have been attempted and have failed. She also tends to be aggressive to the human mate's significant other (jealousy issues). With her human "mate", she is the sweetest most loving bird in the world. She loves to be cuddled, doesn't bite, responds to commands, loves to play fetch, and can be a wonderful companion.

An ideal foster home would be a single adult with a lot of time to spend alone with Farfey. Farfey wants to be held all the time and tends to bond with one person, who she sees as her mate. When her mate is out of sight, that's when the screaming starts. So, tolerant neighbors are a concern as well.

It may be possible that living with another Cockatoo could work to allow her to bond to another bird instead of to a human, but this is a theoretical statement.

Ideally, a good foster home would evolve into a permanent home, but if we're unable to find a proper foster home for Farfey, we'll be forced to consider a sanctuary situation.

Please respond ASAP if you or someone you know thinks they can help Farfey. Her current foster parents are worn out.

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