I don't think Louie has ever been towelled. I myself have never toweled a bird, as my other 2 let me do whatever I need to do with them. What is the proper way to do this? Also, it was suggested to me, since Louie won't even step up, That I should have someone towel him, and then have me come in and "rescue" him from the towel, talking to him sweetly and gently and letting him see my hands slowly unwrapping the towel. I am somewhat skeptical of this, but my friend who recommended it had to do it once with a wild import moluccan. He said 15 minutes in the towel with him "rescueing" her was all it took for her to trust him and he never had trust issues with her after that. On another note, this is a guy who really has a way with animals, having done rescue for years and most animals won't bite him when they attack everyone else. Any feedback you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Never mind. While this method seems to be the choice of some, I have decided I just cannot do that to Louie. It seems cruel and I just cannot do it. I will continue to have patience and hope he learns to trust me enough to learn to at least step up in case of an emergency. Thanks anyway.