You people who pity purchase are making many more birds suffer. When will you understand this? As long as birds are moved through "the system"... YOU will be responsible for the suffering.

1.. The bird is purchased from the breeder or pet shop.

2.. The bird is rehomed (SOLD) for any number of reasons.

3.. The bird winds-up neglected and sick.

4.. You see the bird and take pity... with CASH.

5.. The breeder / pet shop sells even MORE birds because there is no "saturation point". In other words, the only way they will stop selling birds is when there's no demand anymore. As long as money exchanges hands.. that's the demand.

My heart breaks every time I see a situation like you people are discussing, but I know that I am only enabling MORE suffering by exchanging CASH.. only to make myself feel better.. to convince myself that I'm "saving one bird".

You're not. You are only making things worse by moving that bird down that money trail. Many more will suffer due to your "kindness".

Finally: ALL of the better parrot rescues HAVE reached their saturation point. Most cannot take-in any more parrots. This is good in a way, because as long as there's a way to "dispose" of a bird.. the breeders will continue to breed them. Once people realize that they cant "unload" their birds, they will start telling their friends and anyone who will listen NOT to purchase one in the first place.

Good rescues are struggling to care for the thousands of birds they have now. And many are re-thinking their procedures for adoption. In the meantime, if you really want to help helpless parrots, contribute to a rescue of your choice.