We live about 2.5 hrs from Chicago, and have 5 birds, 3 of whom are rescues. We went to Chicago about a week ago, and visited a rescue called "A Refuge for Saving the Wildlife."

What an eye-opener; the director and promotional staff member were there, and they had 50+ birds, and approximately 29 of them were cockatoos - most of them male. My heart broke seeing all of those "impulse purchases" or the loss of their homes due to divorce, familial changes, etc.

I commend the director and his staff for the work they are doing. He has the birds in his home (!), they are well-fed with a nutritious diet, and have tons of toys. He is in the process of expanding on to his home (I think doubling it in size) - renovations are in progres. He also has two outside aviaries.

Has anyone been to this rescue? Also, we'd like to go to MAARS and support them. Any suggestions for "rescue trips" within about 5 hrs of the Chicago area?


Sonya K.

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