Scoutkj, You asked me to keep a diary on my biting u2.I can honestly tell you that there is no reason for her to bite,she will be kissing and loving on you a bang she bites with all her mite.I do not react much I just put her back in her cage or she goes in herself because she knows what she did.It seems to me that she gets bored or restless and bites.At night I hand feed her some pellets and after a few bites she will try to bite my finger.I never yell at her I do tell her NO BITING..She is as sweet as she is bad.My other cockatoos will give warning but not my u2,do you have any ideas for me, I am open to help.There is a video that I want to order that states that your bird will never bite you again .Is there something that I am missing? She will even climb up on you and just bite.I love her very much and want to understand why she is doing this,I think she is a VERY head strong bird ,she wants things her way..Thanks for offering to help...Dawnmarie