Well, this busy time of year is about to get even busier. It looks like we have a new foster on the way, another msc2, male this time, not been out of his cage for 20 odd years, the lovely lady he is with at the moment is having trouble setting boundaries with him as she has no too experience, so it would seem he is coming into our home! Other birds dont seem to bother him, Im extremely interested in him, as the other two MSC2s are both ends of extreme size-wise, one is huge and the other is quite small. Also be interesting to have another male in the house lol, our 3 are all female, poor Dave must be feeling run over with female hormones! Which would bring me to my question, obviously I know the dynamics will shift with a new bird, weve been through that, but what are peoples experience with bringing a male into a home with females?Needless to say he will be kept seperate as all the birds are.

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