I over induldged playing with Martini today, because I missed her so much during my Thanksgiving trip. The pet-sitter (friend) was asked to give her fresh unshelled almonds during my absense, so Martini wasn't all that receptive to training with unshelled almonds today.
Her bouts of screaming felt to me like she was bored, so I sat down by her cage and played several games. Getting her off her cage and onto the nearby table was one, but the most fun she had was when I gently laid her 'martini' towel over her head and played peek-a-boo. She used to hate towels, but today she was totally enthralled. She loved the softness and warmth of the towell and kept asking me to pull it over her head. She'd coo and play under it, and give kisses everytime I pulled it up to say 'peek-a-boo'.

I think this will be great if I eventually ever have to towell her for something. Especially, if I don't use the towell she plays with, but a towell that's just as light and fluffy.

Thought I'd share...

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