We had many GREAT entries in our latest contest and it was very hard to choose only 3. But choose we did, and now it's your turn to pick the winner from these three finalists...
ENTRY #1 ( kylie )

Without Mytoos I would probably have joined the evergrowing list of EX TOO OWNERS, and Kylie would have been rehomed. But finding Mytoos has got me through the last year or so not only mentally but physically (you know what I mean!)
This site should be named 'The Mother of all Too Handbooks', because Mytoos tells you how it is not like the fairytale that it isn't, I am yet to find a book that shows you mutilated Toos as well as their mutilated owners , if this was so, the demand for them would soon drop.
As you know I am from the UK and like most British Too owners, I bought a Too thinking I knew best, to be honest I didn't really think about the after care all that much and after a day or two i was frantic, online looking for advice, along came Mytoos and you probably know the feeling I got, the stomach churn that says to you 'What the hell have I got?'. The place I got her from gave me all the aftercare advise i thought I needed such as changing her toys and what she ate, yep the big bag of seed, but nothing about behaviour etc.
Anyway, I think Kylie is a really great bird now that we have both learnt to live together, I also know that by next week she might not be a great bird and then after a fortnight she will be great again but thanks to Mytoos I am prepared for that and all the other Too habits which they have, I hope to have her for the rest of my days, I just hope she feels the same about me.
Without Mytoos I don't even want to imagine what sort of life Kylie would be leading now, thank you Mytoos and all the people who have helped me.
ENTRY #2 (mom2paulie)

I never felt the need to have a cockatoo. I walked into a bird shop and saw Paulieís beautiful brown eyes, so full of love and intelligence. Yadda...Yadda...Yadda... I was ďsucked inĒ and did my research too late.

When I found Mytoos I read and cried. How could I commit such a cruelty? I didnít have the nerve to post anything. I just read and learned. Finally I ďcame cleanĒ and admitted my crime. No one absolved me, but no one was cruel either. Jerry asked, ďWhat kind of set-up do you have for your too?Ē The primary concern was the bird. I knew Mytoos was a special place.

Since then Iíve posted many questions, as well as words of advice. Iíve gained insights on everything from nutrition to psychology. Paulie and I have benefited greatly from all the information and support here. Iíve learned what it takes to keep him healthy, happy and safe. Not as nature intended, but as best as I can. We all continue to live and learn at Mytoos. Itís a place where ďtooĒ people are committed to helping each other earnestly and generously. Only the members of Mytoos can share my grief about the life my beautiful bird is missing; or fully understand some of his antics. You all support me. I learn and smile each day... Iíve learned to be more confident because my decisions regarding Paulie are intelligently informed by caring advice.

Iíve gained a new attitude from Mytoos. Breeding these beautiful creatures in captivity is wrong. It robs them of their very essence. Life in captivity can be cruel and miserable. Many kill themselves slowly through mutilation. I see new members facing the same hardships over and over again. Itís an endless cycle. Iíve learned to give them gentle support. Iíve also learned to offer no support to the bird industry in any way. I spread the word by encouraging others to think carefully before considering a parrot, and to think about adopting one of the many poor souls who desperately need a loving home. Thank you, Mytoos.
ENTRY # 3 (liviray)

My Too's helped me from becomming a statistic, I found this site while researching *My Goffin* the night before I would have purchased her.

As much as I thought I loved this bird, and my life wouldnt be complete without her...I know now that there would have been no way I could have cared for her the way she deserved.

I believed what the members here told me, and knew in my heart that as much as I wanted to be selfish and give her what I could~ in the long run we would both have our hearts broken.

If it wasnt for this site on that One Night... My Home and Family would have been turned upside down, so I guess what it did for me is to have prevented not only the sale of yet one more Cockatoo...but it also saved me from being just another sucker in a pet shop.

Thanks Jerry.