I wanted to send a personal note to Marty M in Texas.

You may well be correct about my being arrested if I lived in your state, I could well be arrested anywhere that corruption at an official level is interfered with by a single citizen. I tried the traditional approaches to helping what had been known as a horrid place for over 20 years by anyone in the Parrot Industry. Everyone here knew the conditions of the Scudder and 2 other aviaries that had been protected for that 20 years by the Pierce County Humane Society and the Pierce County Council.

Pierce County isnt your typical Pacific Northwest community where people value truth and justice and place high value on integrity. Pierce county has a reputation for corruption at almost every level of government. A few examples include

A few years ago, a chief of Police in the largest city in the county (Tacoma) murdered his wife in front of his small children, he then shot himself in front of the kids. After the murder it came out that the police chief had raped at least 2 women while police chief and when these unfortunate women tried to report the crimes, they were driven away by city officials. The implication was that they should consider moving out of the area. The Police Chiefs name was Braim. Look it up on the internet yourself (check spelling of his name it may not be right)

After Chief Brame died his assistant was appointed as the new Police Chief of Tacoma Washington. Shortly there after it leaked out that the assistant had been having an affair with the police chief ( ever hear of sleeping your waay to the top?) and there was also stories that she had helped plan the murder of chief Brames wife. The city manager being ever vigilant sent her into retirement with full benefits (some punishment huh?)

About 15 years ago half of the Pierce County Sheriffs Office was fired and tried for a number of crimes. I donít remember the exact time frame. I did have a friend at the time that had a beautiful summer home in Pierce County sitting right on the sound. My friends spent weekends and sometimes longer at their retreat. I got a call one day from my friends who told me that someone had broken into the place on the Sound and stole and trashed the place. I asked if they had turned in a Police report? Thier response was who would they report it to the place was in Pierce County. We all new what they meant.

Mark I am not telling you this because I am on a vendetta I am telling you this because even with my knowledge of these and other really bad things happening in this county as what has become the norm, my primary goal was to try and help these animals escape from their life of torment and sadism. I still believed that people like the humane society were the good guys and would respond in a positive manner. After 4 years what I found out from overwhelming sworn testimony of The Scudder children and people employed by the Scudders was that the humane society had been warning the Scudders every time they were about to make an inspection or any time they should seel the place up and prohibit anyone on their property because the animal rights nuts were making noise again. The Humane Society normally would try and give Scudders at least 3 days notice of any pending inspection so they could attempt to clean the place up. Dr Bennetts report was an inspection after Scudders had brought in numerous friends and relatives and cleaned like little troopers for 3 days before the inspection, now read Dr Bennitts report and see how bad it was even after being cleaned up. Those animal rights nuts did keep coming back but after 20 years of the Pierce County Humane Society protecting these people from enforcement of the State of Washington animal abuse laws and disgracing the name of their organization people simply quit trying to help because they new it would do no good.

When I came along their threats werenít effective I already had a terminal disease so what were they going to do that wasnít already being done to me. They then fell back on their greatest ally which is that they know that the average citizen will not spend over a hundred thousand dollars to protect the innocent, however that one didnt seem to effect the crazy animal rights activist either. By the time they had figured out that I was just crazy enough to break all of the rules I had them.Unfortunately the breeders (the bad ones not the good ones) had a night in shining armor step forward to prove to everyone that it would indeed be business as usual in Pierce County. Their night in shiny black armor is also known as Council member Muri, AKA the man with superman eyes.

Mark,I doubt that you are someone who is indifferent to abuse and neglect of animals but I also think that unless you have read all of the evidence not just mine read the Scudders also. Until you do that you have no idea of the situation in a county that 40 years ago was primarily a beautiful area that was comprised heavilly of older people. It's largest city (Tacoma)sits on the Puget Sound and is a beautiful spot. Some day maybe the good people of Pierce County will do what they have to in order to retake their County and lovely little cities back from people like superman eyes and his minions (Bush and whatís his name). His name isnt important we just refer to him as Muri's flunkey.