Thank You so much of the offer to get famous people (person) involved. It is keeping the situation active and publicized that counts for so much.

I have some thing going on that we need to coordinate with any public discussions on line

If any one has an individual that could be useful whether it is a college professor, a vet, a medical doctor, attorneys (both litigators and animal rights attorneys) and any one who wants to help. I am asking that any person copied on e mails be personally acquainted with the individual and know their affiliation.

This is just so that we donít get inundated with AFA and Pet Industry people trying to tie us up. It is called burying your opponent in paperwork and it can be effective. I know this because in my previous life as a gainfully employed individual I resorted to this tactic when someone was bugging me to death. I figured they had to much time on their hands so gave them lots to do.

I have gotten moved back to the Seattle area and am pleased as punch to be home. I will be organizing and unpacking and generally enjoying being back home. Now lets get back to our responsibilities to the animals. Please remember that the goal isnt just to help the birds and dogs and cats and any others that need protecting but to do it everywhere. If you know of a local situation where animals are being abused or neglected get a hold of me and I or one of my buddies will help organize and show you what needs to be done. Unfortunately animal abuse isnt restricted to one county in Washington state and we need to react wherever those without voices need our help. I will now get off my soap box and on with the day.

Tigger and Baileys Dad
(aka Larry Gallawa)

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