We need to start developing a list of people who support this issue either in Washington or other states.

If you plan on writing to the council or support what we are doing in any way we would benefit to start accumulating contact information for the next assault on the County if this ordinance isnt fixed before it is submittted to the full County Council. If the ordinances are approved by Gelman and Muri and their band of leaderless council members on Gelmans committee. The contact information should include the following

Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your e mail address
Your mailing address
The state you live in

We will then develop a data base of supporters that we can call on around the country when help is needed. if you see a bad situation where animals of any kind are being abused or nrglected we will be able to put together a team in the area where the substandard conditions exist.

My preference is that you put the contact information in a word file or save it as a word file.

Thank you all so much for your help. Together we can make a difference

Larry Gallawa