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Please distribute far and wide............

Land has been acquired just outside Baton Rouge and an aviary is being setup on this property to house these birds from the Katrina disaster. No birds will leave the area at this time. They want to reunite the owner with the bird instead of shipping birds all over the country. Donna of 911ParrotAlert and Nell of Knapp-Time rescue in Michigan are working with LSU and the SPCA down in the New Orleans/Baton Rouge area to accomplish this. Volunteers are needed to go down and help with this long term project. Please email disasterrelief@911ParrotAlert.com ONLY if you can go down and help. We are not taking anymore foster requests at this time.

Setting up an aviary for many lost birds, as you can imagine will take supplies, supplies, supplies. I know a lot are on their way and we appreciate that. The need now is storage buildings with windows for light and air filters to privide housing for the cages and birds and food that will be necessary. These buildings are usually located in places like Lowes and Home Depot.

If you would like to help and need a tax donation, please go through the non-profit Knapp-Time Rescue located in Michigan (they are down with Donna in the disaster area as well) - http://www.knapp-time.com/. Donations, non tax deductible are also being accepted at 911ParrotAlert - www.911ParrotAlert.com/Donations.htm and of course checks can be sent to the address on that website.

Thank you all for continuing to support 911ParrotAlert and Knapp-Time as they rescue birds from this Katrina disaster. These pets may be all people can salvage of their lives so we want to keep them safe until the owners can claim them.

We have one vet coming down this weekend, but any vet wishiing to donate some time, I am sure that will be appreciated. Please call 225-273-3442 - be patient as your call will be returned. Please do NOT call that number just to see how things are going.

Thanks again.

Aaron - Director Lost&Found

Aaron Davis - Director: Lost&Found - 911ParrotAlert

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