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Letter of Support for The Gabriel Foundation Aviary relocation to Elbert County

February 3, 2005

To our members, supporters and friends,

We once again need your letters, emails and faxes to help us achieve success with the Special Use Permit application process in Elbert County. Even if you do not live in the area, your letters of support and endorsement will make a profound impact on the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners. To date we have received encouraging and positive responses from Elbert County officials. Your input will help to make our new aviary a reality!

A brief letter incorporating the following points is suggested:

1. The Gabriel Foundation aviary will be a unique asset to the neighborhood. The property will be exceptionally well landscaped and beautifully maintained. We want to have the aviary located on the Front Range.

2. The aviary provides a unique opportunity to view a variety of parrot species, learn more about the complex needs of parrots and educate people about biodiversity.

3. This area has a diverse mix of home sizes, topography and families. A variety of animals and livestock of all kinds of animals characterize this neighborhood. That mix makes it a great place to live. The aviary only adds to and strengthens the existing character.

4. The rural nature of this community is enhanced by the various sounds of nature and the parrots themselves. The noise level is no louder than the surrounding noises of neighboring farm animals, road traffic, farm equipment and various types of vehicles that use the County Road 13 running along the front of the property.

5. The presence of The Gabriel Foundation aviary in this area would be an asset to the schools, nursing homes and various childrenšs organizations not only in this community, but in the surrounding communities as well, where the birds provide educational outreach for all.

Please send your letters, emails or faxes to:

Knight Planning Services, Inc.
Terrill Knight
P.O. Box 947
Eagle, CO 81631-0947
Tel: 970.328.6299
Fax: 970.328.6254