Welcome to The Ultimate Cockatoo Message Board!
Brought to you by mytoos.com

When we opened the mytoos message board 7 years ago, people found us by visiting the mytoos.com website. Most were aware of the mytoos agenda because of this.

As mytoos message board increases it's membership we are seeing more and more members registering who have heard about the message board through other venue's (i.e. word of mouth, direct links to the board on websites, etc). Some of the newer people are completely unaware of our purpose and goals however, because they aren't coming in through the website.

For this reason, we ask all new members to please read the following guidelines to help you better understand what we are all about and adhere to a few suggestions and/or "rules".

1. We have an "agenda" here at mytoos message board. We do NOT believe in breeding, or the buying and selling of parrots through either breeders or pets stores, online classifieds or auctions. If you are a breeder, pet store owner, or you support any of these practices, we do not care to debate the issue with you. Been there, done that....many many times. There are several threads on the board dealing with the issue and if you use our search feature, you can look up the previous discussions to understand our stance better. Any post attempting to debate this issue further will be deleted.
Please do NOT post links, names, addresses or phone numbers to any pet stores, breeders or facilities that sell, breed or advocate selling or breeding of parrots. If you post a link to a pet store or breeders site, the post will be deleted.

2. Mytoos is a privately owned and operated message board. We do not depend on or accept any advertisements or sponsors. If you own/operate a business, do not come to mytoos message board to advertise your business. We do not make money from this board and we do not allow others to use our board for that purpose either. Any posts advertising a business for personal gain will be deleted and membership denied if the posting of personal business links continues.
This includes placing a business link in the profile section.

3. We are not a "fluff" board. This means, that while we welcome your stories, photos etc about your birds, and have a section devoted to those type discussions, do not be put off by our firm and often blunt answers to serious questions. We are here to help you and your bird/s... but BIRDS are our primary concern, and if we are going to help birds, it sometimes means getting-in-your-face a bit and "telling it like it is". If you want the unvarnished, plain truth about Cockatoos and other parrots, you've come to the right place, if you want to be validated for doing something that we may feel is not in the best interest of the BIRDS, you might want to find another bird board. There are a lot of them out there that will be glad to tell you what you want to hear, we aren't one of them. We'll tell you what you NEED to hear, and its not always going to be pretty.


Please use our search option before you ask a question here. I know it's a little more work than simply asking us a question, but having to answer the very same questions over and over gets tiring. A person who has REAL interest in their bird will always try the search first, and possibly learn something else along the way. People looking for quick answers should reconsider their choice of "pets".