My little boyfriend (Zeus, 6 yr male U2) lives with his daddy, my big boyfriend. I have my own house but spend a lot of time at Zeus and Lorre's house. Lorre's 6'5" 22 year old son Scott and his girlfriend have been 'spring breaking' at Lorre's house for a week now. ZEUS DOES NOT LIKE IT! In addition to being hormonal, all of a sudden he is way protective and territorial. Scott is INVADING HIS FLOCK. angry You kind of have to give the little guy credit, he is very tiny compared to his half brother Scott, but is ready and willing to take him on and rip him to shreds at any moment, if he can just get his toes AND BEAK on him! laugh Fortunately, we have managed to keep them well separated so no blood has been drawn. Last night 'the kids' were watching a movie in the livingroom and Lorre went to bed, taking Zeus with him for a couple of hours so Zeus wouldn't sit in his house and shriek his lungs out. :rolleyes: Zeus apparently perched on his daddy's arm, so he would be between daddyo and the door, the better to shred anyone who was foolish enough to enter the room and more effectively protect his daddy from THAT NASTY SCOTT. And, he'll be back to his cuddly snuggle-bunny velcro self about 24 hours after Scott leaves. Too cute.