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#10646 - 12/05/03 12:47 PM Panting and Shaking!
apollo Offline

Registered: 08/08/03
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hi am not to sure whether my problem is behavioural or medical!

I have had my U2 for just over 6 months and over the last couple of days she has started having what appears to be a kind of fit! this happens maybe once or twice a day and at various times. When it happens she shakes all over and appears to be heavy panting with her mouth open! this lasts for a few minutes and tends to be when she is sat on me or my partner! she then returns to normal and doesnt appear to be lethargic afterwards so i wonder whether it could be hormonal! she doesnt respond to voice commands when she is having one of these spurts but if distracted eg she hears the sound of a chocolate wrapper she stops the fitting!
her diet hasnt changed and neither has her routine and she has never done this before while i have owned her! she is approximately 6 years old!
if anyone has experienced this problem and could provide me with any information on the subject i would be very grateful as these fits are quite alarming!

thank you.

#10647 - 12/05/03 01:24 PM Re: Panting and Shaking!
Katy Offline
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They scared the daylights out of me too, at first! Your birdy is going through sexual maturity. What she is expressing is a sexual behavior. You are now her mate. These little fits usualy happen when you pat or rub under the wings, on the back. Try not to do that, and these episodes should go away smile But don't worry, your bird is fine. If felt so silly when I called the vet when I first saw it! LOL

Katy smile

#10648 - 12/05/03 01:28 PM Re: Panting and Shaking!
BaxMom Offline

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I'm surprised you haven't had this happen before now. Sounds like the usual hormonal being sexually stimulated thing. <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> My Baxter does that if I pat him on the back. Try not to do anything that stimulates them this way on purpose.
It's not fair to them. Nothing to worry about, if this is what's going on though. smile

#10649 - 12/05/03 02:28 PM Re: Panting and Shaking!
Frosty's Mom Offline
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Apollo, here the link to a previous thread about just this thing!!! hiccups
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