Macaws- Onyxena

Posted By: Marv

Macaws- Onyxena - 12/10/04 11:40 PM

Onyxena i seen a post of yours about Macaws and couldnt reply to you in the other room i dont find to many ppl that have Macaws in this chat room i have a B&G thats about 10 yrs old now his name is Blue and i have had him for about 8 yrs now and yes they love ppl and adapt well in general after about 6 months of us getting to know each other we started to become buddies and great friends since they do like to bluff and have fun when they can bluff i hope you find this post and reply - cya Marv
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Re: Macaws- Onyxena - 12/12/04 08:19 AM

I also have a blue and gold macaw and he is 9 years old and he is wonderful. actually he is so funny I had a long day at work the other day and my husband did the normal thing that we do at night feed dinner, change paper, water you know the things we do so anyways I was up fixing breakfast for him and from under his covers he was saying wheres Darla, Darla help repeating it over and over I knew he must of missed me since he didn't get to see me that evening so I walked over uncovered him and he said Darla Darla kisses and gave me a kiss I smiled all day at work thinking about how cute that was. just thought I would share
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Re: Macaws- Onyxena - 12/13/04 05:24 AM

I also have a B&G who is almost 21yrs and i'm his 2nd home.I recently adopted him with help from Marc at Foster Parrots.I have only had him 1 month and things are working out better than i expected.Macaws are wonderful parrots and mine is a real clown.My E2 is not happy becuase he is not getting our full attention and is letting us know he is not happy.
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Re: Macaws- Onyxena - 12/14/04 07:57 PM

Count me in as a B&G owner also. We've had Cracker 1 yr & 2 days. He's 11 and has had more than 10 homes. I've been able to pick him up 3 whole times in the past year. I think he's alot happier now than where he was before us and I'm sure as time goes on he'll let us handle him more and more. His favorite toy is a ball on a braided rope that hangs from the top of his cage. He loves hanging upside down with wings spread screaming when he's playing with it.

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Re: Macaws- Onyxena - 12/22/04 02:18 AM

Hi im about to adopt a b&g. Hes 20 years old and has had some abuse in the past. His owner said that he screams alot because he just cant spend enough time with him. He also said that the parrot likes to chase people around and can be a bit of a bully. My question is, do you guys have any advise on how i can gain his trush, what some good kinds of toys are for them, and anything else you can think of would be wonderfull. Thank you
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Re: Macaws- Onyxena - 12/22/04 11:45 PM

Crystal my B&G was 3 yrs old when i got him he his about 8 and the people i got him from named him Blue Satan he would fight and bite every body it took me the better part of 6 months to beable to scratch his head so if you think this trust will happen over night it wont now the SCREAMING !!! if your bird talks you may curb the screaming some what but not all and maybe not any when i get home from work i have to go shake hishand scratch his head and feed him or he will scream most birds love to scream and B&G can do a good job of it you have to see if you can figure out why he doing it other than normal flock screaming if i or any body else can help we will just ask -Marv
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Re: Macaws- Onyxena - 12/23/04 10:59 PM

We also have a blue and gold macaw (age 5) that we rescued. Turns out, she was purchased for a teenage boy (!!), and, "after the novelty wore off", she was placed in a garage without toys or sunlight, where she was for 2 years. Friends of friends knew we had birds, and so we rescued her. She's been with us a little over a year, and is a very, very intelligent bird!! She's bonded with my husband....and we are fortunate to have her. Her name is Chloe.

(mom of 5 parrots!)
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Re: Macaws- Onyxena - 02/17/05 10:36 PM

hello we adopted merlin a11 year old catalina macaw about a month ago the lady we got her from had her in the smallest cage no toys or anything so we ordered her a huge 64"32 double macaw cage can't wait till it arrives going to fill it up with toys . she finally just started picking at the wood toy i put in he cage. we have a cockatoo and a grey and a amazon but nothing beats that macaw so smart like my grey.she keeps coming up with words all the time the lady said she had a vocabulary.she wasn't kidding.just thought i would share my story with you macaw lovers.
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Re: Macaws- Onyxena - 02/18/05 08:15 PM

We are blessed to have a Blue & Gold in our home as well.
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