My New Macaw.

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My New Macaw. - 01/09/18 01:16 AM

Very Friendly 27 year old Blue and Gold,
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Re: My New Macaw. - 01/09/18 12:23 PM

He's beautiful. Are you using a filter with him to keep the too dust away or is his cage in a different part of the house? Macaws respiratory systems are so sensitive to the dust.
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Re: My New Macaw. - 01/10/18 12:39 AM

he will be in the front room. rags in the living room.
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Re: My New Macaw. - 01/10/18 01:12 AM

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Re: My New Macaw. - 02/09/18 01:39 AM

so for an update, Jabber the blue and gold is doing great, he has been on his first shopping trip, 2 pet stored and Lows he did great, also his first family get together, did great there till then the end and got a little mean, thinking he was on over load. likes to ride in the car on the back of the passenger seat. just gazes out the window and mumbles to himself.
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Re: My New Macaw. - 02/09/18 12:12 PM

Great that he's doing so well. You are probably correct about overload, but awesome he did well with it initially. Start watching Jabber's body language for cues when he's had enough. I know because of his size and tail that finding a carrier can be difficult. A friend of mine found a dog crate on the back seat works well for his big boy, also a B&G.. Stopping short can severely injure a bird if they get launched towards the wind shield. Really sounds like Jabber has settled right in to his new home with you and your family, congratulations!
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Re: My New Macaw. - 02/23/18 06:19 AM

Handsome fellow, congrats!
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