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Diabetes - 08/11/15 01:44 PM

Has anyone ever cared for a parrot with diabetes? If so do you have any suggestions for diet?
I'm going to be looking after a Blue Crown Conure for a couple of weeks that was just diagnosed this past week. She is 27 years old and in fairly good health. After a week of decreased fruit and carbs in her diet her sugar level came down. At this point they will try to maintain low sugar levels through the diet only.
I do know that it is extremely rare to come across diabetes in birds. This case is the first in my vets career of 11 years. Thanks for any info.
Posted By: Elliott

Re: Diabetes - 08/11/15 01:59 PM

I never have had the care for or seen a diabetic bird but isn't there pelleted diets out for this? Either Zupreem or Pretty Bird has it. Though I may be wrong.
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Re: Diabetes - 08/12/15 02:00 AM

I'll check that out Elliott, thanks
Posted By: Bird Mom

Re: Diabetes - 08/12/15 03:47 AM

Found this researching diabetes.
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Re: Diabetes - 08/12/15 12:42 PM

Gail thank you for the link. I'll check it out. I have saved the link but removed it from here due to breeder info.
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