Posted By: Casper MSC

Snow - 10/12/06 07:48 PM

I just looked out the window and it is snowing here. BOO HOO.

I guess I will go get the hanging plants in. It probally is not good for them.

Posted By: Chucki's Dad

Re: Snow - 10/13/06 12:13 AM

We have two seasons here in NW Ohio, summer and winter. At least it seems that way to those of us with SAD. frown I have a personal goal every year to wear short pants till Nov. 1.

I was water skiing last weekend and will probably go again this weekend but that will be it for this year as have to put the boat up before the real winter gets here. I tell myself we are one day closer to spring at the end of each day. laugh

Mark and Chucki (Mom, ya gotta keep him busy till spring)
Posted By: ayres with a 2

Re: Snow - 10/13/06 12:31 AM

Oh man shocked - we're supposed to get a flurry on Friday or Saturday, and I'm not ready yet! It just seems that it's the longest season...but at least it has Christmas, lol.! Bundle up,guys!
Posted By: twister

Re: Snow - 10/13/06 02:33 AM

What do your birds think of the snow? We've just moved to a place where there is real winter, and I am kind of wondering how they'll like it, or if they'll even notice...
Posted By: jm47

Re: Snow - 10/13/06 03:09 AM

I was bicycling home both yesterday and today through "flurries". In Iowa, a flurry means wind strong enough to blow you off course, even if you're 175 pounds, and seven or eight snowflakes. The wind sucks the moisture and energy right our of me; I'm on my way to bed! Nighty night. laugh
Posted By: hellobaby

Re: Snow - 10/13/06 03:18 AM

Wow, I can't even imagine. Does it usually snow this early in the year up there? <<shivers>> Please forgive my ignorance, but I've never actually seen 'real' snow... and we don't even get 'cool' snaps until maybe mid-December here.

Posted By: Sue&Katie

Re: Snow - 10/13/06 03:30 AM

It's freeezzzzzinnng here. 33 degrees right now, woke up this morning to 19. Been snow flurries all day and the wind is howling and raw. Not quite ready for this. Katie don't seem to notice or care.
Posted By: WillieandPhoebe

Re: Snow - 10/13/06 04:10 AM

Yep HB, we don't get cold snaps either really. I remember in Florida walking barefooted to the mailbox in Dec, and taking a walk and getting bit by mosquitos in Dec too. We are in the low 90's now HURRAH!! Actually have had some days in the high 80's too. When it's been 115o plus for three months or more, 90o is heaven. This is when we guys in Arizona come to life. We can walk outside now without dying of heat exhaustion. For the next seven months we will average 75o days and get about 5" of rain. Because I was jealous all summer of everyones(except Floridians)weather where they could enjoy outdoor activities,(I don't like the only outdoor activity here of boating when it's 115o out) it's your turn to be jealous of me for a while...FINALLY. laugh
Posted By: jm47

Re: Snow - 10/13/06 02:48 PM

<img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> Not a bit of jealousy from here! Even when exhausted and dehydrated from the wind, I remember blistering my feet outdoors on the AridZone sand in summer! We chose to live where there are real winters, on purpose!
If it's cold, you add another layer of clothes. When it gets colder, you add more layers. Perfectly simple. When it gets hot, there's a limit to how many you can remove without getting arrested! eek
Posted By: Casper MSC

Re: Snow - 10/13/06 08:08 PM

Yesterday when it was snowing (which it did not do long) it was snowing sideways. The wind here has been HORRIBLE. And it is like that again today. It feels like spikes being driven into your skin. Both dogs are burrowed deep in their blankets and we are in the house. My family is from Texas I know what hot weather is and today I wish I was there. My daughter lives in Reno. She is coming here on Saturday, I told her to bring her long johns. Casper does not seem to even notice the weather.

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