Large parrot beak muzzles

Posted By: wishfull

Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/08/05 10:11 PM

Im wondering would it be particularly cruel for the larger (or even smaller but hard biting) parrots to have a beak muzzle? I only mean for times of stress, like vet visits etc. Would this be kinder than heavy towelling, pinning the bird down so he cant bite, or even sedation in extreme times? The bird could be examined etc at no risk to the vet/handler/owner without the risk of a potentially very nasty bite to someone. (You know like they do with dogs that are prone to turn nasty at the vets?) I know this could be severely abused, but if they were NOT ever on sale to the general public, only to certified vets etc, could they work? Or would it cause even more horrific stress to the bird? Or is this idea in use at all? I hope I dont sound evil for even wondering about it, but I am curious as to peoples views on such a thing. Also, sorry if this is the wrong place to post, should it be philosophy? Im really not sure as its such an odd thought.
Posted By: Charlie

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/08/05 11:41 PM

You mean like this?

Beak Bubble

As I try not to laugh! :rolleyes:

If a vet can't handle a bird, he needs more training!
Posted By: Mia & Kiwi

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/09/05 12:24 AM

That looks absolutely horrible! Those poor birds. I can't imagine how traumatized a bird would be after being forced to wear one of those things. Think about it, they use their beaks for so many things, almost like a hand for stabilizing, balance, etc, not to mention for defense. I imagine it's like being handcuffed or tied up for them.
Avian vets should know how to restrain a bird so as to avoid getting bitten. Kiwi is afraid of men, and her vet is male. On her last vet visit, the vet and the tech (also male) restrained her in a nice way and by the end of her exam they were both giving her scritches. If they had put some sort of muzzle on her she'd probably be flying after them to attack out of indignation.
Posted By: dm

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/09/05 12:28 AM

Goodness what a queer contraption. Mine would panic I am sure.
Posted By: Linus&Nancy

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/09/05 12:43 AM

ok now THAT looks really uncomfortable. I think i would rather opt for training myself. Imagine something like that on your head..good gosh!
Posted By: wishfull

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/09/05 01:37 AM

Oh good lord Charlie! What a monstrosity of a thing! I never imagined anything like THAT would be in use! How perfectly dreadful. eek
(I love the way you always seem to find a link to an example though <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> )
Posted By: Lori Conarro

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/09/05 02:59 AM

I've seen that before, seems awful! Wonder how many really use that. Seems to me that if I get mine toweled right they are pretty calm. I think that thing would make them insane
Posted By: mycookie

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/09/05 05:11 AM

I wouldn't mind something like this for my hands so that the bird never gets to my skin. he would enjoy biting the bars and i could easily trim him nails.
Posted By: Callie and Michelle

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/09/05 05:43 AM

Oh my lord that thing is ridiculous!!!! Looks like a damn wiffle ball!! I can't believe anyone would put that on their bird. I can say right now, I wouldn't be able to get within ten feet of Callie with one of those things, nor woulf I want to. My vet gives Callie a towel to chew through , calls him "a cute little bean" and tells him to take it all out on that towel, and he sure does!!!!!!
Posted By: jm47

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/09/05 04:38 PM

<img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> A different towel each time, right? But not a new one <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> Or does Callie get the same "holey holey holey" one at every visit?
Posted By: jm47

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/09/05 04:40 PM

Looks to me as if the bird can't "enjoy biting the bars" because the beak is held CLOSED by it! :p
Posted By: Callie and Michelle

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/09/05 06:45 PM

She has a large stock of towels for all the birds that hate going to the vet!!!!! You should hear him rip through it!!!!!! Keeps him occupied between his horrible "help me I'm being murdered" screams.
Posted By: robbieh

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/10/05 02:12 AM

Is that thing for real?

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry! My first thought was not to take the bird to the family reunion--or at the very least don't take him too close to the whiffle ball game! eek
Posted By: 3toos

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/27/05 03:40 AM

Me thinks, that anyone who would want to try this thing had better just put it on themselves as it would be just as effective as trying to get it on my M2.

It would not last 3 seconds, and for certain someones blood would be everywhere for trying something so silly.

I especially like the part at the end about using the thing on birds around small children. NOTHING protects children from birds EXCEPT proper parental supervision. I know this from experience and stitches in a two year olds finger from our M2.

Perhaps the Lord should have empowered this person with a better functioning mind instead of the means to make such a silly device.

For what it's worth.
Posted By: Ebbony & Captain's Mom 2005

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/27/05 05:56 PM

confused On muzzles and ‘body part cages” I guess it’s not the tool that must be judged but the person who uses it, and if they are doing so out of “safety” or “easy way around the issue.”
Thankfully My U2 gives me his wings and toes, and my cockatiels have enough rough pierces to keep those nails trim and nice. So I would never need any such thing- the ball would be great for the OWNERS of those parrots who despise their owners- (and read the captions on the pictures- those are BREEDER birds) and would add a great deal of safety if used by rescues on trimming and examining the birds when they first come in to a rescue, like the local pound here muzzles ALL dogs and cats at the first vet check up. The only issue I would have with using that bubblehead thing is that they can see through it which is how the towels help calm a bird as well as control it. An I think it would be STUPID to have such a thing on your bird at all times.

Mycookie, kind of like a shark cage huh? with your hands safe inside while the great white tries to chew through it to eat you up? du DA du Da du DA DUUU (jaws theme)

My thought on this is do birds with collar that keep them from plucking have the ability to bit a handler when the are wearing the collar? wink

I used to put my cats in a “feline bathing cage.” But only until they had gotten to the point where they let me give them their daily baths without it, they now hop into the tub as soon as I turn the water on, so I only used the cage as a training devise.
My trail horse has a blindfold for when I’m riding her in the mountains and we get to places in the trail where her fear of heights gets bad, by the way you have to spend HOURS, DAYS, and WEEKS training some horse to accept the blind fold, so that was a “safety” choice not an “easy way around something choice.”
One of my other horses wears a “free grazing- no biting muzzle” so he can still eat grass and hay and grain foods but can’t bite me or my other horses. Which would be crueler, locking a herdbound animal away from all the other horses, or making it safe for the other horse to be with him?
frown And birds of prey wear HOODS when in captivity!! Stop and remember that our Parrots and Toos are WILD ANIMALS, hatched in captivity or not. Nothing we do to any wild animals that constrains them is 100% kind or good for them.
Posted By: jm47

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/28/05 04:08 PM

It seems to me that most of the "problem behaviors" are problems with human behavior, doesn't it? frown
Posted By: flowerchild

Re: Large parrot beak muzzles - 11/29/05 06:35 PM

amen, jody.
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