Heeeeeers NICKY!!!!!!!

Posted By: N2MINDS

Heeeeeers NICKY!!!!!!! - 04/01/05 09:05 PM

I have posted up a storm today because I am very happy that my C2 is doing so well. He seemed to adust preety good since we broght him home (I spoil him to death and take him to work with me everyday). But the past two days he has started talking up a storm, which is something I did not expect because I read that C2's are one of the less verbals. But anyway, he wakes us up in the morning with "Get up, Derek, Demerick, Derek, Demmi, Derek, Devin". I fell out of the bed and was so happy even though he yelled this out at 5:15 as opposed to 6 a.m. when I normally do yell this same thing. He likes my sons Derek name the best and calls his name in between all of the other children. And also for the last two days he says Hello to anyone that comes through the front door. And for the last two days he has been saying hello to everyone that comes into my office and will say good bye. And he has started "barking" and "meowing", which I assume he learned from his friend "gordy" or the African Grey that lives at the place where I purchased him because they both do that. But anyway I am just soooooo happy and chatty about Nicky today because he seems to be adjusting to us. I read here everyday but today was my day to share....It is a comfort to know that in case of "not so good times" there is a place to come.

By the way, after I made it through the first couple of days of being a member I am so grateful to have stayed because I feel almost like I am a part of a family sort of because I am familiar with everyones "bird stories" that post regularly. I look forward each day <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> to logging on three to four times a day and getting updates and such.
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Re: Heeeeeers NICKY!!!!!!! - 04/01/05 09:12 PM

I am so glad that Nicky is doing well and is happy. cool Nothing beats a happy 'too!
As for C2s being less verbal? I'd say we can both prove that statement incorrect. My C2 talks up a storm. She'll sit around and talk up a storm for hours at a time. The only other animals she imitates are all of the outside birds that she listens to daily (through an open window).
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Re: Heeeeeers NICKY!!!!!!! - 04/01/05 11:05 PM

Sounds cute N2....glad you decided to stay with the board also...sounds like you all are adjusting well. We have Marley (M2) and all he "says" in people language is "Hello" which he learned in about 2 weeks....however thats all we can get him to say, or should I say thats what he repeats constantly :rolleyes: wish he would pop out "I love you" ...but he is just now a year old....'too babble he has down pat.
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Re: Heeeeeers NICKY!!!!!!! - 04/01/05 11:43 PM

Nicky is 7 years old. He learned everyones name in about 2 weeks just from hearing me shout up and down the stairs constantly. The only name that I thought he knew was Derek because he started saying that around his second day here (Derek is my 17 year old and I yell for/at him a lot in the house).
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Re: Heeeeeers NICKY!!!!!!! - 04/02/05 01:29 AM

I never thought my M2 would talk to much, so I was floored when she started saying her name, Jezzabell, which as you can imagin is pretty tough to pronounce! She says "Hi Jezzabell" "I Love You" "Hi Popcorn" barks like a really big dog and yaps like a small one, meows just like my two cats and is starting to say "Rachel" my daughter name. And as always, loves to 'Too babble <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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Re: Heeeeeers NICKY!!!!!!! - 04/04/05 06:27 PM

Yep, they are full of surprises. There can be a long gap betweem new words than all of s sudden they say something new as if they had been saying it all along.
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