Crazy Stuff We Do

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Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/03/04 06:13 AM

They say that parrot people do crazy stuff to accomidate their birds, and much more. They basically change their lifestyle and the way they do things for their birds. They say we are crazy.

So let me hear some of the craziest stuff you have done to make your parrot happier? Hopefully we will get some funny stuff, and maybe some ideas...LOL
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/03/04 07:10 AM

Hmmmm... let's see things that "normal" people have commented on as being crazy.
A $500 air filter for "their air" (hey, it works and we don't have to change another hepa filter)Reading bedtime stories (despite not having children), making up bedtime songs and asking birdsitting parents to sing them for the birds (while we're on the phone for back up vocals laugh ) having a TV, VCR and DVD player for our birds (we get to watch too but since it's normally Blues Clues or Bob the Builder it's not very educational :rolleyes: ) Going out into the woods to cut down trees for them, asking relatives if we can run off with trees that they've had cut down. Buying one of every produce item in our local organic grocer. Then there's the shop light hanging from our ceiling above their cages. (We just tell the relatives we're going for the "industrial" look. :p ) Buying them a fridge for "their food", installing a new 17 inch deep sink in the bathroom so we can wash all their stuff in one sink load. There's more but that's all off the top of my head!
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/03/04 09:46 AM

Confessions of a bird lover:
You ask for power tools for Christmas to help make toys.
A shop vac for your birthday to help clean up after them.
You have trees all over the house for them to the point it looks like a dead forest.
You have people at work thinking your nuts because you steal the paper cup holder from the coffee order because it would make a great shred toy.
You plan your Saturdays to shop at the Salvation and yard sales for toy supplies.
A television and vcr so they aren't bored while you're at work. :rolleyes:
Cook and bake for them so they get that variety and to hide the things they don't like to eat but you know is good for them.
Trying foods in every form imaginable, raw, cooked, steamed, chopped, sliced, quartered, etc just so they will try it.
You have more pictures of your animal children on your desk at work then your family.
When you travel in your motorhome and you have folks on the highway smiling and waiving and you can't figure out why until you remember that one of the bird is in the window or you think your RV friends are glad to see you but they can't wait until you park and bring out the birds. <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/03/04 05:39 PM

hahaha U2Lover! Amen to the power tools! For Christmas this year, Danny got a new 18 volt drill with all the attachments and I got a new MITER SAW!! laugh
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/03/04 06:07 PM

You eat things you never imagined just so your birds will try them. You willing subject yourself to blood letting just to win them over. You rearrange your home for their comfort. You yell at the kids for eating the fruit because its for the birds. You tell the kids to eat the junk food because its not good for the birds. You take toys away from the grandkids because the birds will be jeoulous. You ask company to leave because they are upsetting the birds. You turn down a great job opportunity because it would require to much time away from the birds. You go to a formal dinner with food coloring stains on your hands from a dye session of making bird toys. You go to a formal dinner with bird poop on you and don't think anything of it. You go to a formal dinner and are the life of the party talking about your birds, but the other guests think its either a soap opera or people with real juicy lives. (Thelma dumped Louise for Scooter, but when Trixie moved in Scooter dumped Thelma. Louise is still heartbroken over Thelma but won't forgive her... Daisy moved out of Angel's room when he was trying to drag her down and chasing her tail all the time...Jasper keeps sneaking into the girls room...Thelma and Louise were preening each other...Lily threw a temper tantrum...) The list goes on and on.

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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/03/04 06:43 PM

Don't forget buying lots of picture frames on sale, so you can hang up pictures of your "babies" all over the house, not just in your bedroom, your office, or the hallway. And then the inclusion of those "cute" pictures in your holiday cards to family and friends.

Or the automatic contact calls we make to them, while we're on the phone, answering the front door, or doing laundry so they won't worry and then realizing what you've done when someone (who doesn't know you) looks at you like you're crazy or there's silence on the other end of the phone.

Then there's our budget that shows weekly family groceries and odds and ends, to be half of what our bird food, toys and accessories budgets are. And then trying to hide that fact from hubby.

Or the not wanting to go on any trips longer than a couple of hours, heaven forbid a day (or longer!) because you don't want them to miss you while you're gone. And wondering why you're having so much trouble finding "same day" round trip flights to your destination.

How about carrying damp paper towels in a ziplock in your purse for quick face, claw and accident clean-ups while you and your bird are out. And you started doing that when you had a toddler.... who's now 20, by the way, but the same principle applies.

Or the going to an all-you-can-eat buffet and checking out the salad bar first for any treats your birds might enjoy (and bringing your big purse with a plastic bag in it) before heading out to the rest of the "human" foods.

Or the learning how to prepare meals organically and vegetarian, because it's healthier for our birds. And if they're going to share our meals, we learn to eat it too.

Or the wearing of t-shirts that won't show holes or bird poop (too badly) on us for when we take our birds out in public. Dark, wild patterns, or Hawaiian florals work well.

Just to name a few..... <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/03/04 07:41 PM


Lets start with both the couches went then my easy chair. then the tv and all the tables in the living room. then moved daughter in to a room in the celler so I could use her room for birds. built a large free flight cage in my bed room and got rid of most the tables in there so that I can house birds in the bed room. Don't use any lights at night don't allow noise after dark and have to make bigger portions of certain foods so birds can have some.and wake up at 7:00 every morning and try to get to bed by 10:00 at night.

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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/03/04 07:57 PM

For my toos, I've completely moved out of my bedroom, and I now sleep on the sofa so that I have enough room to accomodate two very large cages. confused

We moved the love seat out of the living room to accomodate two very large play gyms. shocked

We now have ten blankets laying around our living room (to cover furniture for the birds, to cover electrical cords, to hide the vacuum [which is no longer put away], to play games with), and of those ten blankets, only one is deemed for human use. wink

I have completely rearranged my social schedule to work around they're waking hours. Hmm... Let's see. I'm all but dead to my friends and my boyfriend between the hours of 7:30 and 9:00. eek

I no longer make the bed (seeing as I don't have one), I "make" the cages. mad
I no longer shower, I steam the birds. smile

We went through the house and threw out $65 worth of chemicals that are not safe for birds.

I own a mini van, and for my birds I took out the back seats and I now have two cages and a dog bed for when we travel. :rolleyes:

Gee, it's all kind of depressing when you look at it this way. Oh well, gotta love 'em! laugh
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/03/04 09:01 PM

LOL. Fun thread! I, naturaly, have done many of things that other folks have mentioned, but currently my family is seriously considering moving so I can have a birdroom, and a kitchen that is less closed in so I can have the boys out there when somebody else is. Right now the kitchen is closed in pretty badly, so if somebody else is out there, the birds are always in lunging distance and somebody gets bitten. wink

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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/03/04 10:03 PM

I can't really say that my house looks nice, there are traces of U2 Cockatoo and African Grey everywhere.

Mucho money has been spent on big cages, toys, tools, vacuums.

Not to mention the endless hours of cooking :rolleyes: because these two birds put together are so picky!

They come with me mountain biking, road biking, horse riding, and practically everything else I do.

I'm not good at singing, but it's good enough for them. <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />

And I wouldn't give it up for the world. smile
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/04/04 01:47 AM

How funny is this thread! I can ditto a number of the items already mentioned. But my most embarrassing bird moment was when I poured a glass of orange juice for a house guest, and stopped to let Gabby take a drink first. Everyone was horrified and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. It hadn't occurred to me that not everyone loves birdie backwash in their juice! After all, hubby never objects. <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/04/04 03:34 AM

Oh..My..Goodness! Tears are running down my checks and my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Our family shares orange juice with Faith all the time too. I don't remember if we've ever done it to a guest though. Come to think of it, we've only had one person stay with us (and she cut it short after Faith sang her good morning song to her) since Faith joined our family in May. You think?????? Naw...... Maybe?
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/04/04 03:34 AM

LOL this is a great post!

I make a lot of toys for them and do all the chopping, baking etc that everyone does. I go to 5 different stores including a health food store for their food twice a month in Omaha. The people in the health food store kid me because I eat almost as many vegatables as they do! I bought both a juicer and a food dehydrator for their diet. One time I was cooking breakfast for kids and for birds. My youngest son grabbed some eggs out of the skillet and discovered they had shells in them! He sure checks now! wink

The kids give me a hard time because I finally finished the bird room and they say we don't have a rooom like this to hang out in! ( The ones that are still liviing at home are 20 and 19 btw)

This summer I would like to get started on their aviary. laugh Nan
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/04/04 10:43 PM

I am so happy to read about how much we all love our bird lives!!!I can't wait until we can but a house with a nice roomy backyard with trees so I can build an aviary for our macaws. We did move into a large 2 bedroom apt. from the 1 bedroom my now husband and I used to share with 2 macaws and pionus. Now we have a wonderful bird room! My husband moved the computer desk out of this room so he cant actually do work without having to entertain the flock. So we have this space, I put floor pillows down, brought in CD player,books, art supplies, magazines. I love spending hours in there with everyone out and interacting. Such a great way to spend my time!!
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/04/04 10:46 PM

Oops, I meant so he now CAN do work on computer:)
Posted By: onyxena

Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/04/04 10:52 PM

April, I also love taking my girls with me for activities! I often take them hiking with me in summer. THey are allowed to forage and climb a bit. They seem to love riding in the car also. How do you go about these activities you describe? I would love to hear more!!!
Posted By: Lori Conarro

Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/05/04 01:41 AM

Boy, I can't wait until Beverly gets back to work and posts on this one. I have sat before with a really stupid looking hat on for a while just to keep my g2 off my head. I feel kind of silly going out and finding birdie poop in my hair after I get there. Oh well, birdie poop is nowhere near as gross all these years later as it used to be!!
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/05/04 01:52 AM

Lets see I probably havn't done as much, but enough to make my family mad, crazy, ignore me in public...

-Eat pellets that scratched up my throat so Jasper would eat them.
-Trasform my grandparents screened deck into a place for Jasper.
-Sit infront of Jasper and Yum her along so she will eat stuff.
-Wanting and sometimes getting to go out every few days to get more interesting stuff for Jasper.
-Spend most of my money of the birdie.
-Asking my mom to buy certain foods because Jasper's diet needs to be better.
-Asking for her to sit at the table with us while we eat so she will.
-Ask for new lightbolbs that will be better for Jasper.
-And lots more that I can't think of but the excuse to do it/get it was for "But the bird NEEDS this..."
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/05/04 05:06 AM

My biggest change for the birds was that when I bought a new car 2 months ago, I had to buy a mid-size SUV because I needed something large enough for birds, dogs and kids for when I go on mini-vacations since nobody gets left behind. Every car dealer I dealt with thought I was crazy because I had to make sure bird carriers and dogs would fit in the very back and I measured every vehicle I looked at. Yes my birds and dogs determined the car that I bought.

But on a simpler side, I have re-arranged the furniture for them. Modified my cooking style. Modified my eating style since I have a perch that sits permanently on my kitchen table so my baby's can eat every meal with the family. I have blankets draped over my furniture to protect it.

But it's moments like the one I'm having now that make it all worth while. My daughter started singing and dancing to Toejam. He's got his crest up and he's dancing and singing along with her. He's bobbing up and down and laughing. I wouldn't trade this in for anything.
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/05/04 10:56 PM


I'm back! You all are too funny. Well here is my list:

I have a special blue cup that no one dares touch because, Bongo (G2) will only drink from that cup.
The oatmeal in the house is only for Bongo.
I spend hours cracking walnuts for my birds (gee, you would think I would buy them shelled :rolleyes: )
I get up at 4am Monday-Friday so that I can spend time with Bongo before going to work.
I get up at 4:00am every weekend, because Bongo is used to getting up at that time.
I also have been known to put things on top of my head so that Bongo will not sit up there.
I ripped up my kitchen floor and painted the concrete so that bird poop would not show up as well on the floor.
I make up silly songs for Bongo and find myself singing them at work.
I call Bongo "son"
I steal the ketcup cups from fast food for Bongo to play with.
I whisper after 8pm (bongo's bedtime)
I have sheets and blankets all over my furniture and antiques, so the birds can play anywhere they want.
I wrapped 32 bird presents for christmas
I have no shoelaces that aren't chewed
I think it is strange when I look down and I do not have bird poop on me
laugh laugh laugh
Posted By: Lori Conarro

Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/05/04 11:02 PM

Bev, I missed you!!! I love your stories and your sense of humor!
Posted By: Maria

Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/05/04 11:16 PM

How about buying lots of family movies? I've been known to ask hubby and son (even complete strangers), while in Wal-Mart, "Do you think Faith and Echo might enjoy this movie? It's got singing....."

Only fair, as we don't let Faith or Echo watch "scary" movies (we watch them in the dark with the volume really low and only after the birds go to bed).

They do seem to enjoy their movies. Favorites ones? Shrek, A Bug's Life, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Mary Poppins.

<img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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Re: Crazy Stuff We Do - 01/06/04 04:50 AM

I do most of the crazy's that everyone else has mentioned. I guess my craziest, crazy is that a spend the better part of my evening standing on a step stool. She adores playing airplane to almost the ceiling and then dropping backwards dangling from my hand, swinging, wings flapping and laughing her silly head off. The 2 or 3 extra feet the stool gives me allows her to have a full motion in her birdie acrobats and when she's tired she expects me to remain on the stool so she can cuddle and calm down. Yep, she spoiled, and yep, I enjoy spoiling her! Janet
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