Here's to hope in the New Year.

Posted By: Alison

Here's to hope in the New Year. - 01/01/04 09:49 AM

Gee, a brand new year. Here's to hoping that this will be the year people start taking responsibility for that which they purchase and/or breed. Here's to hoping that shelters won't be as busy with new arrivals. Here's to hoping that careless, selfish, uncaring, problem causing large Too breeders...(well I can't actually say that here). Well anyway, here's to hope for our friends with wings, may the new year shine brightly on them. Happy New Year Everyone!!
Posted By: ConnieS

Re: Here's to hope in the New Year. - 01/02/04 09:14 AM

Same to you Alison and welcome to the board. I look forward to your posts in 2004.
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