Prayers for all my "Easterner" friends!

Posted By: jm47

Prayers for all my "Easterner" friends! - 10/30/12 05:42 AM

I pray that GOD will protect you and your precious families (feathered and otherwise) from the rage of the weather this next few days, as the "superstorm" frolicks around creating confusion and mayhem! May HE surround you with love, care, and compassion, even (or especially) when it seems danger is all around!
Posted By: Birdfriend

Re: Prayers for all my "Easterner" friends! - 11/01/12 12:11 AM

Thanks for your prayers. Lots of feathered guys need them. I am alarmed that few have posted for these two days. There is lots of trouble here. Few have power. There are a lot of birds in this area. I can only pray that these birdies are safe.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Prayers for all my "Easterner" friends! - 11/01/12 12:42 AM

New England didn't get hit hard, we were fortunate. Some of my friends in NY have yet to get their power back. I spoke with one on line herp friend today that lost everything. He was smart and was prepared, got his family and all of his herps out of the house and to a safer area the night before. He stayed at the house during the storm, but the waters got so high he had to swim out. One of my customers just moved down to NYC and lives in a high rise on the East River. She stayed put on the 32nd floor and enjoyed the show but lost her car to the flood. It's very scary right now down there and my thoughts and prayers go to all in that area.
Posted By: Stormy

Re: Prayers for all my "Easterner" friends! - 11/01/12 02:10 AM

I am in Pa and we got hit pretty hard, but not as bad as NJ and NY. I was one of the few lucky ones that did not lose power. I have not heard a word from my sister in NJ for a few days now. Her power is gone and no cell phones for the towers were knocked down by her. I know she was worried about flooding. Hopefully I will hear from her soon, makes me nervous not knowing how she is.
Posted By: PJsMom

Re: Prayers for all my "Easterner" friends! - 11/01/12 05:35 AM

It's been nerve wracking for sure not to hear from those who were on Sandys path. Crossing my fingers and toes that every one is alright.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: Prayers for all my "Easterner" friends! - 11/01/12 12:08 PM

Terri hope you hear from her soon. Once they get the power restored I sure she will call.
Posted By: angelinasmom

Re: Prayers for all my "Easterner" friends! - 11/03/12 02:23 AM

Prayers to everyone out there. Hope everyoneis safe
Posted By: jm47

Re: Prayers for all my "Easterner" friends! - 11/04/12 06:26 AM

I agree, it's a bit scary how few posts there are. The idea of swimming in NY in November is not at all attractive! (jmo)
I guess we should just keep on praying.
Charlie is back online, on facebook, as are a few others. I was hoping you were okay, Nancy, and am glad to hear from you!
I think Hawaii had tsunami warnings about the same time, because of a quake! Lot of stuff going on. . .
Posted By: Birdfriend

Re: Prayers for all my "Easterner" friends! - 11/06/12 12:58 AM

OK. Start checking in, people. GregM, where are you??? We need to know you are safe. NiR ? Good time to foster in NYC (do you have heat?)! I'm sure most people just have no power (or energy) to web-surf...but we would really like to know that you are not actually surf-surfing...
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