Anyone know of a good grout sealer?

Posted By: Birdiemommy

Anyone know of a good grout sealer? - 06/17/11 10:23 PM

Hi everyone. It's been a while since I've posted, but I do check the posts from time to time. Both Amelie and Isabella, the macaws are doing well and are buddies now. There still are squabbles now and then so we have to put them in their cages when we're away from the house, but they sleep snuggled up together and usually get along pretty well.

We're having the old wall to wall carpet torn out and are putting porcelain tile in about half of the downstairs. Years ago when we did the bird's room, the grout sealer that we used smelled awful and it was over a week before we could put the birds back in the room. I'm hoping that grout sealers have gotten better. Has anyone used one lately that has low VOC and that works well to repel stains? We also have 2 dachshunds and cats, so we need something that can take a lot of abuse!
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Re: Anyone know of a good grout sealer? - 06/18/11 09:09 AM

We used one that had almost no odor and as soon as my husband recovers, I will ask him what it was. I remember our first grout sealer many years ago This new one was much better in terms of odors, but I have to be honest. I havent had much luck with not having to scrub the crap out of the grout
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Re: Anyone know of a good grout sealer? - 06/18/11 05:23 PM

I will have to be doing the same thing this summer...I plan to move all the birds over to my brother in laws to do it though since I haven't been able to find anything so far that is not going to smell bad.Our needs it as well especially because of the dogs.One thing I did find that works well to clean the grout for the time being is the shark steam cleaners. They shoot that crap right out of the grout and then I go over it with vinegar and water then some lemon or citrous extract.What our problem is one of our dogs is aging and starting to pee on the floor a little.This seems to help get the smell out.A bit of work but with the shark steamer that bugger helps allot!
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Re: Anyone know of a good grout sealer? - 06/19/11 01:52 AM

A friend of mine is a flooring specialist. I sent her an email to see if she knows of a safe sealant to use. I'll let you know if she has any suggestions.
She just emailed me back and will check on Monday.
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