Posted By: Elliott

SNOW! - 01/10/11 05:59 AM

It's snowing it's butt off here. I know there are a lot of members around the Southeast part of the U.S. so if don't have snow yet, you will.

It's been snowing since about 6 p.m. and there is about an inch or so on the ground. They are predicting about 4 to 6 inches before it's done.
Posted By: Ladyhutch

Re: SNOW! - 01/10/11 08:02 AM

Go throw a snow ball for me, Elliott!!

Posted By: BSB00

Re: SNOW! - 01/10/11 03:10 PM

In am In Charleston Sc and we are having Ice...But 10 miles off the coast its SNOW
Posted By: Scarletts mom

Re: SNOW! - 01/10/11 03:14 PM

BSBOO, I too am in Charleston SC and it's freezing! lol! I think it MUST be global warming for sure! wink
Posted By: jm47

Re: SNOW! - 01/14/11 08:08 AM

Last winter, when it was warmer in Alaska that it was here, on of my nieces in Alaska posted this little ditty on her Facebook page. The tune, I believe, is "Springtime in the Rockies".

When it's winter in Wasilla, and the gentle breezes blow
Seventy miles an hour, twenty-five below,
When it's winter in Alaska,and the snow's up to your butt,
You take a big ddep breath, and your nose just freezes shut.
Oh, it's lovely here in Alaska, I guess I'll hang around.
I could never leave Alaska, 'cause I'm frozen to the ground!

I changed the words slightly, and called it "Winter on the prairie", for Iowa and Nebraska and Kansas and. . .
Posted By: carat

Re: SNOW! - 01/15/11 07:30 AM

LOL! I can SO relate to that. having lived in Anchorage for several years, and now in Denver I'm getting my share of the white stuff again!
Thanks for sharing =)
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 01/15/11 02:33 PM

I heard that part of Tenn had around a foot of snow. We've had snow twice in the past week and now have over two feet on the ground and it's only 2f degrees outside this morning! I absolutely hate winter.
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: SNOW! - 01/15/11 05:19 PM

We have had snow on the ground since before Thanksgiving, but not nearly as much as usual. It has been extremely cold though. I dont mind the snow, dont mind the shoveling, dont even mind the cold, but man when that wind kicks up...that is painful. However by Feb I am looking forward to spring again lol. 3 months of snow is enough grin
Posted By: HollyAnn

Re: SNOW! - 01/15/11 06:52 PM

Ohio has been getting its fair share of the snow! I am looking forward to Spring and planting flowers! I hate driving in snow and ice!!
Posted By: Milton

Re: SNOW! - 01/15/11 11:50 PM

Here in Erie PA,the snow comes off the lake until it freezes over.Unfortunately, it hasn't frozen over YET! It makes the roads snotty to drive on,and worse yet, it's supposed to warm up tomorrow night just enough to get freezing rain. YUCK!!!
Posted By: Macawman

Re: SNOW! - 01/20/11 05:30 PM

"Offically", we got 9 1/2 inches here in Huntsville but it was only about 8 inches in our immediate area. Had me very concerned because roofs of the outdoor avaries were constructed to support the more typical 1-2 inches of snow that we see around here. Fortunately, nothing more serious then a couple of bowed ceiling rafters.

The birds were all indoors, of course.

Posted By: Sundial

Re: SNOW! - 01/20/11 07:22 PM

We got snow too! At least 3-4 inches and we're supposed to get more Sunday night. Love it!
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 01/21/11 08:34 PM

We got an additional 8 inches today on top of the already two feet sitting out there that didn't melt during the rain the other day and now they are saying we may get a Nor'easter Tuesday night into Wednesday. All of you that love the snow so much are more than welcome to come to my house on Wednesday to help move the snow. The snowblower is broken down and the banks now on the driveway are over four feet. There's no where to put the crap!!! I'll make hot chocolate for anyone that shows up! I'll even spike it if you want!
My back is killing me from shoveling! LOL
Posted By: Beeps

Re: SNOW! - 01/21/11 09:32 PM

Nancy -- that sounds awful! I didn't realize that you had 2 feet already -- there was only about 4 inches near the airport, so I thought my flight had been canceled out of Boston prematurely. So glad I was able to get out and not stuck there even longer.

Get a massage!
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 01/21/11 09:57 PM

That storm we got 18 inches here. Boston always get a little less being on the water. We've been getting one storm after the other for the past three weeks. We were hoping that the rain storm that we got last weekend would have gotten rid of more snow than it did, but it started out snow and then turned to rain overnight. All it did was compact the snow. Logan is backed up again today!
Posted By: CharlieandCasper

Re: SNOW! - 01/22/11 02:32 AM

I am so tired of the stinkin snow! I am flying solo at work because my coworker just broke her wrist, and my son had a snow day so I had to take him too, and my ABS brakes are out atm, so the stinkin snow was an adventure to drive in this morning!
There is no place for them to put the snow! The lawn has about 2.5 feet covering it, and there are mountains all over the place from the plows. *sigh* I guess thats what you get when you move to New England.... Darn MA!!
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 01/22/11 02:50 AM

I'm a native New Englander and have always hated winter, even as a child. You moved right into the snow belt in MA! I lived in Worcester years back and the weather there was incredible year round between snow and tornados!! We're not suppose to get as much as you but this year we seem to be getting it all in the Boston to Providence Corridor.
Posted By: CharlieandCasper

Re: SNOW! - 01/22/11 02:53 AM

I know it stinks! I lived in Worcester two years ago and Oxford last year It was WAY worse there, however this year we've just got more snow...
I am a native Coloradoan, so Im not new to snow, but it melts a few days later out there! Ive been here for the past 5.5 years, I am not a fan of the GINORMOUS amount of snow! hehe My son loves it tho!
Posted By: Milton

Re: SNOW! - 01/22/11 04:46 AM

It just seems that the Northeast has hit very hard this year. Now,they're talking about the possiblity of another storm for them next week. Hang in there!
Posted By: Lucy's Mom

Re: SNOW! - 01/22/11 05:14 AM

Been there, understand and am glad I don't need to drive in it or shovel it anymore. You have my sincere condolences. As much as I loved Pittsburgh, I really have been glad about the weather in FL. Wish I could help...
Posted By: Bogie's Buddy

Re: SNOW! - 01/22/11 04:11 PM

Greater Hartford area is closing in on a total snowfall this winter season of 60 inches, and Jan. isn't over yet!

Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 01/22/11 11:46 PM

Boston is 50 inches with a norm of 41 for the entire season. Now they're talking about a possible 1-2 feet for Wednesday!! Can't wait for April, May even March anything is better than this!!!
Posted By: jm47

Re: SNOW! - 01/25/11 06:09 AM

We haven't had much this year; last year there was SOOOO much, I really thought I might not make it through the winter. We had a big storm with a few inches in mid-November, followed by one early in Dec. that left us with a bunch of 5-foot-deep drifts, followed by more and more and more. . .then it ALL melted while I was hospitalized in late March, and suddenly it was warm! (muddy and floody, too)
Now the grass is still sticking up through what little snow we have, and I've only skiied once the whole winter!
Posted By: jm47

Re: SNOW! - 01/27/11 06:36 AM

Lovely thing about Iowa winters: no matter how little or how much snow, no matter if it's -35 or +55 on February 1, there's ALWAYS somebody who will say "Now, this is NOT a typical Iowa winter". And then they will tell you a story of some OTHER winter. And 2 years later, when THAT Iowa winter repeats itself, the same person tells you. . ."Now, this is not a typical Iowa winter."
Posted By: BSB00

Re: SNOW! - 01/27/11 12:41 PM

Glad I moved South

60 and Sunny for Charleston today
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 01/27/11 05:40 PM

This is not a typical Boston Winter!!! We have gotten 50 inches of snow in January alone this year. Another foot or so last night. No place to put the snow!!! Even the snow blower can't blow it over the mounds on the corners of the driveway at this point. Poor Ron had to blow it in the street in front of the mailbox and then clean in front of the mailbox with the blower blowing it over the mounds in the front of the yard! We'll be taking pictures later and try to post them. Charleston sounds lovely right now!!
Have to find the mailbox to check it!
My crazy husband misses riding!;id=1020497257
I do have a house behind all that snow!;id=1020497257
Posted By: CharlieandCasper

Re: SNOW! - 01/28/11 04:51 AM

I AM SO TIRED of it! lol Nancy! I had huge piles of snow in front of my car this morning that the plow guys left for me.... My body hurts! I cant wait for spring!
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 01/28/11 05:00 AM

Mandy how much did you end up getting last night? We ended up with a foot or so. More on it's way too tomorrow snow showers and another biggie on Tuesday!!
Posted By: CharlieandCasper

Re: SNOW! - 01/28/11 05:04 AM

hmmmm not sure there was probably about 10 inches on my car this morning! lol but a whole heck of alot more I had to shovel to get my car out!
Posted By: Sundial

Re: SNOW! - 01/31/11 05:40 PM

Yikes! We're supposed to be getting some pretty bad weather starting tonight; freezing rain, very heavy snow, whiteout conditions, extremely cold conditions, the whole package! We'll probably be getting blackouts so I might disappear off the face of the internet for a week or two at maximum. Everyone in town's in a panic mode and they're buying whatever supplies they need at the last second. We just need to get some gas for the generator and we'll be set!
Posted By: HollyAnn

Re: SNOW! - 01/31/11 06:16 PM

Ohio is going to be bad also. The rescue lady called and told me not to freak out if we lose power. She has become a good friend, so she knows I will freak out and worry about my birds. She said if I lose heat I could bring my birds to her house. If you hear of an Ohio woman wrecked in bad weather with exotic birds in her car, it's most likely me! We actually won't lose heat, but the blower could stop.
Posted By: Sundial

Re: SNOW! - 01/31/11 11:11 PM

Even better, our winter storm warning has turned into a blizzard warning! I think I'm gonna get my camera ready since I've never taken pictures of a blizzard before. It sounds pretty despite being y'know, a storm of wind, blinding snow, and horrible cold.
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 02/01/11 03:33 AM

Be careful and batten down the hatches! It's due to hit here starting tomorrow with 6-8 inches and then full tilt on Wednesday with a foot. Hoping it goes south or north of us this time.
Posted By: jm47

Re: SNOW! - 02/01/11 07:59 AM

We are about to get some more; the "faux spring" we had for a few days didn't last.
One nice thing is, when it gets cold and windy like this, at least the boys around town pull their pants up!
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: SNOW! - 02/01/11 03:48 PM

Well I spoke to soon. My morning started off at 5am so I could shovel snow out of the driveway. Suppose to get between 18 and 24 inches today. That is a lot for us all at once frown . So today in between birdie play sessions, I will periodically be going back out to shovel again. We have a huge double wide driveway, so if you all dont hear from me, send out a rescue team lol. I may be laying face down in the snow hehe.
Posted By: Beeps

Re: SNOW! - 02/01/11 03:54 PM

Deborah, same here. My husband used the snowblower before he left for work, but I know I'll be shoveling a few times today before he gets home. Good thing my boss understands me being a weather wimp and staying home today (and tomorrow)!
Posted By: Sundial

Re: SNOW! - 02/01/11 04:45 PM

It hasn't been snowing too long here and it's already getting deep! It's nice to look at though.
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: SNOW! - 02/01/11 05:33 PM

It is beautiful but boy my muscles are already getting sore lol. Guess I dont have to work out for the next couple of days...wait shoveling is a workout crazy
Posted By: MissYumYum

Re: SNOW! - 02/01/11 06:02 PM

Ugh! I woke up at 4:00 am to hear howling winds, thundersleet, and heavy showers of sleet and freezing rain hitting our windows! No school today, city frozen, airport closed and two super bowl teams supposed to face the media today! Hope they weren't expecting resort weather this week, because it is now not expected to get above freezing before Saturday, yikes!

At least I don't have to shovel snow, though... smile Stay warm everyone up there in the midwest, and please, keep your nasty weather away from Texas for the rest of winter - we don't handle this stuff too well!

Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 02/01/11 06:16 PM

Left for work this morning to no snow and just came home on the slipperiest roads of the season with only 5 inches on the ground so far. They were reporting on the radio that there are accidents everywhere and one pile up in the NE corner of the state. Enough aready!! At least it's Feb 1st, 28 days until March Woo Hoo!!!
Keep safe everyone and to those of you that aren't used to driving in the snow keep it slow and steady. Let the car start moving on its own don't give it the gas you'll only slide and don't brake hard, tap the pedal, 2nd gear is your friend when driving, safe 1st for the deep stuff! And most importantly of all don't fight the wheel keep it gentle! Turn into a skid not out of it.
Posted By: MissYumYum

Re: SNOW! - 02/01/11 09:51 PM

Great driving advice, Nancy! It's definitely not my own skills I fear - it's every hot-dogging Dallasite who thinks their 4-wheel drive vehicle or massive SUV is all they need to get from point A to point B, LOL!

Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: SNOW! - 02/02/11 03:50 PM

O boy did we get snow! and it is still snowing frown. The snow is all the way to the top of the car doors. Snow Plow trucks have been busy on main roads, so there is a few feet of snow on all our residential streets too. I have to admit it is beautiful, but wow lol.
Posted By: CharlieandCasper

Re: SNOW! - 02/02/11 04:34 PM

gah I really really really am tired of the snow. We are stuck at home (very dangerous today), aaand we are getting more on saturday, and possible next tuesday, again *sigh* I wanna move! lol this is just tooooo much!
Positive side? -- I get to spend more time with my flock!! But at this point my son will have to start going to school on saturday! >.<
Posted By: angelinasmom

Re: SNOW! - 02/02/11 05:21 PM

Michigan is defintely having a snow day. Agree with charlie and casper its a good day to spend more time with the birds
Posted By: Sundial

Re: SNOW! - 02/02/11 06:07 PM

Yesterday the highway and my entire town pretty much shut down due to the blizzard and all, now it's nice and sunny. But our poor cat can't go off the front porch since the snow is so deep!
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 02/02/11 11:03 PM

Sang on my way to work this morning at 5:30, it was the only thing that helped me keep my sanity or maybe not I was singing Slip sliding away LOL! 8 inches yesterday another couple this morning then rain which flooded the roads and is now freezing since the temps have dropped quickly around here. The rain didn't even have a chance to get rid of the snow! People are buying the salt for water purification systems to use since all of the road treatments are sold out!! There aren't any snow shovels, snow blowers, roof rakes or anything snow related left in the lowes that I work at!
Posted By: Chucki's Dad

Re: SNOW! - 02/03/11 01:45 AM

The official snow fall here in NW Ohio was supposedly 5" for last night but it looked like more than that plus rain in between. Winds were as high as 49 mph.

We live in the country so get a lot of drifting. Our 200 feet double wide driveway was 2 feet deep over most of it. I've had taller drifts over the years, but usually only around the house, never over the entire driveway like this time. It took me nearly 4 hours to clean it off with a large lawn tractor and snow blower. Now its supposed to go below zero in the next day or two

Chucki has really enjoyed it though, extra dad time. She's been sitting almost on the keyboard as I type this.

Spring, only 50 or so days away:)
Posted By: Charlie

Re: SNOW! - 02/03/11 02:02 AM

It is going to freeze here tonight. I just bought in my hummingbird feeders so they don't ice up! grin
Posted By: Sundial

Re: SNOW! - 02/03/11 03:20 AM

My college has been canceled for tomorrow as well. This is a pretty rural area and s good chunk of the students at my college live out in the country, and I was told by someone who lives out there that the gravel roads are practically undrivable.
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: SNOW! - 02/03/11 03:22 AM

OK...I won't mention that it was sunny and near 80 here today. *ducks to dodge the snowballs being thrown at her*
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 02/03/11 03:33 AM

cool I'll be on the next flight to Tampa!!!
Posted By: Sundial

Re: SNOW! - 02/03/11 03:54 AM

Originally Posted By: EchosMom
OK...I won't mention that it was sunny and near 80 here today. *ducks to dodge the snowballs being thrown at her*

Hahaha! Actually I enjoy the snow, it's just the cold I don't like too much.
Posted By: Liisa B

Re: SNOW! - 02/03/11 05:53 PM

Can I get on that Tampa flight too???? smile
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: SNOW! - 02/03/11 08:38 PM

My whole body is aching from all the shoveling frown. The snow was up to the windows on our cars in the drive way. We had to shovel out our front and back door to even get started out there. Hubby came down with ugly stomach flu so I had to do the whole thing myself, 6 very long hours lol.

I love the snow....just not the shoveling part hehe
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: SNOW! - 02/04/11 03:12 AM

The more the merrier - we'll have a party! lol
Posted By: CharlieandCasper

Re: SNOW! - 02/05/11 01:58 AM

(((((((((((BIG SIGH)))))))))))) MORE SNOW! Tomorrow and again ANOTHER BIG one next week..... I need to learn how to hibernate!
Its kinda scary when the weather man says that a snow storm is "no big deal only 6 inches worth of snow" !!!! UGH!
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 02/05/11 02:51 AM

Mandy did you catch the news tonight? There have been over 100 buildings with roof collapses or structural damages in Mass alone! Very scary. I'm so happy now that my husband kept clearing the roofs of the snow buildup. Now we have to try to deal with the ice damns in the morning. They are about 10 inches thick!! Going to try hot water to melt through in a couple of key places so the water has an outlet other than in the house! We're suppose to get mostly rain tomorrow turning to snow tomorrow night.
Posted By: CharlieandCasper

Re: SNOW! - 02/05/11 04:38 AM

yes the building right next door today was evacuated, police taped off and everything. Its really scary. My work is on the first floor and above us is a paint selling office. So they have lots of weight to drop on us if it does come down. Just a little uncomforting right now!
Posted By: MissYumYum

Re: SNOW! - 02/05/11 07:10 PM

Oh you guys, I feel for you! Our taste of winter this week here in Dallas has been horrible! 6 inches of snow on top of an inch of ice, and no melting will begin until today! They are also predicting a wintry mix tomorrow for the Super bowl - just great frown - and by Wednesday, we are supposed to have another round of snow! What's happening with the climate? I'm voting for the next mayor who pledges to add snowplows and salt stores to the city's arsenal smile

Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 02/06/11 02:12 AM

Global warming is a poor term for what's happening around the country. Global Freezing would be more apt!
Posted By: Chucki's Dad

Re: SNOW! - 02/06/11 02:16 AM

Six more inches here between 10AM and 5PM. Supposed to get 2-3 more tonight and tomorrow. I'm kinda liking the Fla. idea more and more. Now back to the kitchen to find some more carbs!
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 02/06/11 02:18 AM

That's the only good thing about this weather. You can eat all you want and still lose weight with all of the extra exercise of shoveling. LOL!! I lost 2 lbs this week and cheated on my diet every day!!
Posted By: jimells

Re: SNOW! - 02/06/11 02:43 AM

Ha! I feel for all you southerners in Massachusetts. If you want to get away from the snow, come to my house. Out in the fields you hardly need snowshoes to get around. So far this winter we are two feet below normal. As long as you stay off the state roads (where they don't use sand anymore, just salt and calcium) it's no problem to get around. In fact, my dirt road is smoother in the winter than in the summer!

Of course, if you do come for a visit, better bring your long underwear... the mercury still goes below zero most nights...
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 02/06/11 05:08 PM

We missed the snow last night, just got some incredible thunderstorms and rain. This morning it's in the high 30s and the sun is shining!!! Now if the next two storms would go out to sea and not hit us maybe some of this snow will melt.
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: SNOW! - 02/07/11 05:47 PM

We had more snow :(, and more on the way today. If I have to shovel anymore my arms are gonna start looking like a wrestlers lol. I am building muscle that no woman should ever have hehe.
Posted By: MissYumYum

Re: SNOW! - 02/08/11 05:51 AM

Hehe, Deborah! I talked to my sister who lives in Bloomington and she is still reeling from last week's blizzard - 18 inches in a 12-hour period or so! They had company from Texas in over the weekend, and of course, those people were thrilled with so much snow to play in - they built a 6'3" snowman in the backyard and there was still tons of snow left over! That is way too much snow!

Believe it or not, the Dallas area is supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow on Wednesday! What's with this winter? One thing's for sure, you are going to be one fit lady, Deborah - your arms will rival Michelle Obama's in tone and strength, LOL!

Hang in there!

Posted By: Sundial

Re: SNOW! - 02/13/11 11:14 PM

It's 65F here and the snow's starting to melt! It's so warm out, I had to grab my summer clothes to not get overheated!
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: SNOW! - 02/14/11 12:21 AM

The warmth is suppose to be heading to the Northeast this week too! By Friday we are suppose to see 55!! There is still so much snow here that we would need an 80 degree heat spell for a couple of days to see it all go away! Even if we don't get anymore snow this winter it will still be here I'm guessing the 1st of April! Deborah there is never too much muscle even on women!
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