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Hives - 11/03/09 04:43 AM

Friday afternoon, I took a nap and woke up to itching on my chest and arms a little bit. It lasted the rest of the night, but wasn't too bad and I was out til 2am. Next day it was mildly itchy again, then at night, YES, Halloween!! frown :(, there was a red rash all over my body and itching like CRAZY. At 2am, I finally got up and found my benadryl cream (all I had) and put it all over the rashes, it seemed to help cus I finally fell asleep at 4am, woke up at 11am, and seemed to be ok. Went straight away to Target to get some benadryl pills. I asked the pharmacist assistant what she'd recommend, she just said "oh, I don't see anything on your now, so just use benadryl I guess" Oh thanks, I just said thanks and left to look at the pills. Some lady started talking to me and told me she went to Urgent Care on Monday for an itchy rash all over her body too, they just said take benadryl!

I have googled this for hours, most times the causes are unknown. I am not allergic to anything that I know of. Haven't changed soap, detergent, etc. Can't go to a regular doctor, no insurance. I've never had anything like this! Today I was fine, didn't take any pills (I forgot actually) and was at school from 9am to 530pm. The last hour of school I felt a bit itchy on my chest & legs again, got home, now my arms and legs and stomach/back is red, not as bad as Saturday night, but kindof everywhere.

Has anyone had experience with this? This is freaking me out a bit just because I have no insurance, but there is a free clinic at my university. I doubt they can do anything for a skin problem, though. I'm going to call them up tomorrow either way to ask.

It's very embarrassing, too! I only have school M & W, so I just hope it's not there on Wednesday frown I can provide pics if anyone is interesting, but it's just basic "hives" if you search google images.
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Re: Hives - 11/03/09 04:54 AM

Poor you! Unfortunately, it really is possible to develop allergies to things as an adult. I have, and I even developed a touch of eczema here and there since I turned 40 - never know where it's going to show up or when. The rash could be a reaction to a food you ate. Or something you breathed in or touched. Benadryl usually works well, but you could also try Zyrtec - it's OTC now and probably a little stronger than Benadryl, with the added advantage of not making you sleepy.

I would stop by the free clinic just to have the rash checked out if it comes back tonight or tomorrow, though.

Good luck!

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Re: Hives - 11/03/09 04:56 AM

You've just changed residences...could it be the dry cleaning/cleaning fluids residue from upholstery, drapes, carpet? How is Kahlua? Is he wheezing? nares clear? Any new sheets, blankets? They have formaldehyde in them until laundered. Anything you've used of your new roommates? shirt, pants, throw on the couch? New foliage around that wasn't at the other location as the winds blow bringing in contact with you? Good luck, and take care...see the clinic at school!
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Re: Hives - 11/03/09 05:04 AM

I'll ask the clinic about Zyrtec! I did take the benadryl yesterday at noon and was SOO sleepy, but it could be because of me not sleeping well the night before. I'd rather not be that way since I have 4 classes each school day, and don't want these rashes showing all over while in school, but want to not be itching.

I was thinking maybe something with me moving, but I moved about 3 weeks ago and hadn't had anything before now? Kahlua is perfect, no breathing problems or anything wrong with feathers/skin, been acting normal (thank god, I don't need two medical bills at the same time!!) Haven't used anything of my new roommates.

Also - if I was allergic to something like if I had washed a shirt, but not pants, and I wore the shirt - would I break out all over my body or just the upper part? Just wondering as I am rashy all over, not just one specific spot.
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Re: Hives - 11/03/09 05:05 AM

I suddenly starting breaking out in hives a few years ago. When I had an episode I would starting itching like crazy and even VERY lightly rubbing my fingers in a scratching motion produced a stream of welts. It was the craziest thing I've even seen. I finally went to my primary care physician and the allergen was never pinpointed but he started me on Zyrtec, which was by prescription only then. For nearly a year, I couldn't live w/out it, then suddenly as quick as the allergy started, it stopped.

Benadryl is ok if it works for you, but it didn't for me. You may also want to try Claritin-D which is also over the counter now.

Having been there, I feel for you. Hope you get it in check soon.
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Re: Hives - 11/03/09 06:10 AM

Be careful. Try to get someone to look at it at the clinic. I know my spelling is going to be wrong but things like scabbies move around under the skin more so at night than during the day. There are also skin fungus. My nephew had one and they had to use a medicated shampoo on his skin and let it dry.
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Re: Hives - 11/03/09 11:48 AM

As an allergic person prone to hives and other nasty reactions there are things you can do to try to pinpoint the culprit.
List everything that you eat during the day when you get hives. Then list everything on days that you don't get them. Also list any cosmetic, cleaning agents or other chemicals that you come in contact with each day. Don't forget jewelery worn each day also. Hives for me if caused by an external allergen like nickel plate will start in the spot the nickel is touching my skin. Nickel plate can be found on pants snaps, backs of watches, jewelery and buttons. It will then begin to spread if I don't remove the offending item. On me the first place I get them is on the trunk moving to the arms then neck and face. Witch Hazel poured on the rash brings great relief.
If I've eaten something the hives will start on my neck and move to my face and then proceed down my arms and trunk.
Shampoo or hair conditioner will cause the rash to start on my back and then spread. I was my hair in the shower.
Even cosmetics that you have used for years can bring on a reaction whether you've developed an allergy to the item or they are new and improved with new chemicals added. Body lotion is another big culprit and body sprays.
Laundry detergents and softeners are big into becoming new and improved or concentrated. I use only liquid laundry detergent and still have trouble with a lot of brands. Even if I use the same detergent but with a different fragrance it can set off hives on me.
The way I deal with hives now is as soon as I feel them starting I run to the rest room and wash the area with cold water. Sometimes it's a case of coming in contact with something very briefly like picking up a cleaning bottle that has some residue on it to kick them in gear. By washing the area for a few minutes with running water or papertowels dripping with cold water it can stop the reaction.
If the rash comes back I would definately see the Dr.
Another big hive producer is antibiotics and other meds.
Best of luck to you, hives are a bugger.
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Re: Hives - 11/03/09 06:54 PM

Erin I also have started having hives in the last few days!! The itching is maddening. I itch everywhere and I mean everywhere. I had wondered about Benedryl. I think I will give it a try. I have used Cortisone 10 the last 2 days and I cannot see where it has helped.
I have not changed anything in the house. I have Celiac Disease, so I am especially careful of food.
I was beginning to wonder if this skin reaction could be another part of my bird allergy.
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Re: Hives - 11/04/09 02:15 AM

I also vote for the active ingredient in "Zyrtec". Do not buy actual "Zyrtec", get the store brand with the same ingredient. It will be about 1/3rd the price. Benadryl and cortisone products do not work for me, but this stuff does.

P.S. I also got a topical OTC made by Aveeno with a similar ingredient, but I'm sure the "Zyrtec" ingredient was the workhorse. That "Zyrtec" ingredient is sold for hives in a pediatric formula. That's where I got the idea. I have since seen it recommended for bedbug itching. Of course, you are only treating the symptom, but you have to do SOMETHING to be comfortable.
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Re: Hives - 11/04/09 02:45 AM

I also have issues with alergies. Claritin has been awesome for me and is what the doc recommended. When I was younger and Zyrtec was still a script I used it as well with positive results. But like Birdfriend noted I buy the generice version from Sams or Walmart and not the brand name since it is so much cheaper. Good Luck!!!!
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Re: Hives - 11/16/09 05:50 AM

I used to get hive and welts once every 10 yrs for 3 months at a time. No clue what caused it. Nothing helped. Well almost 15 yrs ago I had radiation to get rid of my thyroid and have not had a hive or welt since. Doctors think that because I had an overactive thyroid that everything is elevated in your system and thought that what ever caused the hives were exgerated because of hyperthroidism. Good luck, hives are miserable.
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