'Too Nicknames

Posted By: Nomokis

'Too Nicknames - 10/24/08 07:38 PM

I just thought it would be fun for everyone to be able to post their ‘Too’s nicknames. Bella has so many. I call her different nicknames depending on what she’s doing.

Bellatrix La’Too (when she’s really mischievous)
Hot Wings (when she stretches her wings)
Puff Chicken (when she’s puffed up like a baby)
‘Too-Baby (mostly when she’s super cuddly)
Crazy'O'Too (obviously, when she is crazy!)

Your turn! Post your baby’s nicknames. smile smile smile
Posted By: sandiego

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/24/08 08:49 PM

I call Kahlua:

Big buuuurd
It's a tooo!
Kahlua tooo
Kahlua DeVille

That's all I can think of now :P
Posted By: Cebr2007

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/24/08 08:57 PM

Those are so cute!

Dazzle hasn't been with us long, but his most common nickname is "Dazzle Dude". Personally, though, I like to call him my "Little Duckling" because he reminds me of one when he follows me around the house.
Posted By: charlieandme

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/24/08 09:32 PM

Punk Boy!!

Then there is Trouble Maker or Noise Maker.
Posted By: Elliott

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/24/08 10:38 PM

Mine all have one nickname..... S***HEAD! hehehehehe
Posted By: MissYumYum

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/24/08 11:48 PM

Isabella has lots of nicknames, starting with "Miss Yum Yum," my son's nickname for her when he was younger and thought she was just yummy, she was so sweet! I call her "Isa" for short, and so does my husband (he has other unprintable names for her when she is having a screamfest during one of his favorite TV shows wink. My mother calls her "Bella" and "B." I also call her "Precious" (because she is!). "Isa B" is another one.

Fun thread!

Posted By: Charlie

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/25/08 02:35 AM

White Chicken from Hell
Posted By: TiKa's Dad

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/25/08 05:15 AM

"Tika the knife" smile
Posted By: BE2Cassie

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/25/08 11:48 AM

Little girl
Baby bird
The Wild One
White Witch
Little Stinker
Cassie Girl
And we have been known to refer to her as the little sh-- head and bitchybird from time to time!
Posted By: Rukesmom

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/25/08 04:33 PM

So many names, so little time;
Rukie Ruke, Little stinker, demon boy, Mommy;s little peanut
Nina beana, Nina Dora,My little pumpkin, Mommy's girl, little girl
Baby girl baby, petunia, Baby Boop, Marilyn,
Toots, Tootsarooni, Penelope pitstop, sweet little angel....
Posted By: Jackielu

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/25/08 05:30 PM

Paco boy
Mr. Pocks
Handsome man
AWWWWWW he's 'da Baaaaaby
Posted By: umbimom

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/25/08 11:55 PM

Lily is: silly lily, monkey, mookie, baby girl and on her bad days grumpy bird. There are a lot of others, but they are the ones most used. Sharon
Posted By: BellasMom

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/26/08 11:35 PM

Bella's are:

Sissy Lee
Jumper Bee
Miss Lee
Turkey Leg
Bella Luna
Posted By: Crazybirdlady

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/27/08 12:18 AM

Saucy parrot
Handsome boy
Mr. Biggs
Georgie-Porgie, puddin' and pie, bit the girls and made them cry!
Buzz saw
Senor Jorge (Spanish)
Naughty parrot
Cranky chicken
Posted By: Crazybirdlady

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/27/08 12:21 AM

And Maria!

The Saucy Minx
My husband's little green mistress (she screams "JEEMY!!!" whenever she hears him move in the house).
The other woman
A few other mostly unmentionable ones. She's very cute.
Posted By: Janny

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/27/08 12:49 AM

I don't really have nicknames for the birds but Dave calls them all Buzzards. LOL.
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/27/08 12:57 AM

Originally Posted By: Janny
I don't really have nicknames for the birds but Dave calls them all Buzzards. LOL.

laugh laugh
Posted By: TiKa's Dad

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/27/08 02:40 AM

Dave's a pretty smart guy!! smile
Posted By: Chewy

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/27/08 02:48 AM

I call Chewy
Chewy-Louie (which is his original name)
That's all I can think of.
Posted By: Cidsa

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/27/08 08:32 AM

Will just stick all the names for both..
Crashy, Crashy-poo, Monkey, Little parrot, Yoyo, Biddy, Biddy-boo, Bids, Monster(s), Mess machine(s).. that's all I can think of for now ^^;
Posted By: Maura

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/27/08 12:27 PM

Clare's nicknames are:
Momma's White Chicken

Our Amazon Kiwi:
Green Chicken
Chicky Bomb
Posted By: emmy

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/27/08 06:57 PM

Some of Emmy’s nicknames:

Twiddle Bug
Miss Mess
Big/Little Stinker
Flying Monkey
Flying White Weasel
Posted By: Michelle8822

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/28/08 02:33 PM

Java's nicknames are:
silly boy
Pretty boy
Loud mouth
sweet sweets
Posted By: luv my Coco bean

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/28/08 04:52 PM

Coco is usually Coke...she actually says "Hi Coke" to us, then there's coco bean, beaner, sweat pea and pretty bird.
Posted By: spinnyspoo

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/28/08 05:02 PM

Bill, Billy (which he whispers at night "g'night billy"), Billy Bob, my boy, lovey boy, turkey, my guy, mr. bill, my good boy.
Posted By: LeAnn

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/28/08 07:39 PM

Rumor nicknames are: Roo,sweetchecks,little man,momma's boy,crazy boy

Kiwi,my quaker, her nicknames are: kizzy,weewers,

Bella my CAG are: "B",JellyBelly,sweetgirl,and monkey because she loves to make monkey sounds.
Posted By: Lori Conarro

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 10/28/08 10:28 PM

The toominator comes to mind. So does demolitionbird.

Seriously though, Peaches is Peaky and Daffy is BeeBee
Posted By: Nemo22

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 11/06/08 12:05 AM

While watching Nadia tear into a Parrot Pinata,I'm reminded of one of my favorite nicknames.

'The Toominator'

John and Nadia grin grin
Posted By: Mookie

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 11/06/08 12:12 AM

I call Luna

Lunatic and Boogerbutt.

Imagine my joy the day she started dancing around saying "boobutt boobutt!"

OI. :-p
Posted By: Tilas

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 11/07/08 12:42 AM

Well, you asked for it. XD;
Tonto's nicknames have been things like...

Feathery Alarm System
Squawkers McSquawken
Bird Brain
Posted By: Jappas New Mom

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 11/07/08 12:53 AM

Jappa only has one and my husband makes so much fun of me for it...

She's my one and only POOKIE!!

But you can't say it in a normal voice, you have to: 1) raise your voice a few octaves and then (2) say it REALLY loud with rising intonation in the middle....

hmmm...maybe you can only fully understand it if you heard it live...
Posted By: vondooly

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 11/11/08 05:08 AM

Well my kids call Sugar "the Evil Chicken "!
Posted By: Lucy's Mom

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 11/15/08 08:24 PM

Lucy is:

Lucy Loo!
Lucy Too
Goofy Lucy
Posted By: Donnalee

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 11/15/08 11:42 PM

Baby Girl aka My Little Chicken Hawk. When she is being naughty I say "you old buzzard". LOL
Posted By: Belongs2Sammy

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 11/20/08 04:54 AM

Cute thread.

Posted By: Courtney

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 11/25/08 12:10 AM

Skipper my wifes citron I call Bird SHxx or Skipturd or bird turd

Rosie is Rosie girl or Rosa or Rosita or hard head and miss thing
Posted By: Bird Mom

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 11/25/08 04:24 AM

Remember they can repeat everything!
Posted By: Courtney

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 11/25/08 06:41 AM

Eh I don't think Skipper will ever talk hes atleast 8-9 possibly much older certainly not younger and doesn't say one word
Posted By: Nomokis

Re: 'Too Nicknames - 02/23/09 06:37 PM

Bella gained some new nicknames.

Little Miss Chicken (because she is such a diva)
La Bella Toola (which I've been told means 'The Beautiful Flower')
Posted By: carat

Nicknames/ Pet Names for our Toos - 01/18/11 03:04 AM

What are some of the nicknames you have for your bird, and when do you use them?

I usually just call Baby by her given name. The only nicknames I have for her so far are Turkey and Chicken. Turkey is reserved for when she does something silly that makes me giggle or roll my eyes. Chicken is usually used when she's doing something slightly annoying, like stepping away from me when I'm trying to get her back in her cage.
Posted By: EchosMom

Re: Nicknames/ Pet Names for our Toos - 01/18/11 03:14 AM

Hey there Carat - I merged your new topic with this one - thought everyone would enjoying reading all the other replies. My list of nicknames are:

Echo - Eck
Noelle - Noey
Alex - Bubba
Max - Ax
JoJo - Joey
Sydney - Sidders
Nikki - Nickanick
Stella - Stel
Peanut - P
Posted By: Amystar

Re: Nicknames/ Pet Names for our Toos - 01/18/11 04:15 AM

Paris has a few nicknames, my names for her are Princess, Diva and Gorgeous Girl. My husband calls her Baby, My oldest daughter that does not live with us but visits frequently calls her Bit*#y Bird and my youngest daughter who lives here and is a major help in taking care of her calls her Bipolar Birdy and all of us call her Pretty Paris,which is also her nickname for herself lol.
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: Nicknames/ Pet Names for our Toos - 01/18/11 06:53 AM

hmmm Ozzy has quite a few, depending on his mood and actions lol

Baby Boy
Mister (mainly when I catch him doing something he isnt suppose to be doing lol)
Crazy Bird
Mr Fix it
Posted By: MissYumYum

Re: Nicknames/ Pet Names for our Toos - 01/18/11 07:34 PM

Miss Yum Yum (bestowed on my U2 by my son when he was 6 or 7 -because she smells "yummy"), Little White Chicken (reserved for naughty times), Isa (short for Isabella), and Precious (obvious reason smile )

Posted By: HollyAnn

Re: Nicknames/ Pet Names for our Toos - 01/18/11 09:50 PM

What a fun thread!

Fred (U2)- Fredricka, Queen Fred (working on teaching her to say "Bow Peasant"), Miss Fluffy Pants, and Please Stop Chewing That!

Sam (BFA)- Sammy, Samster, Samazon, Samereno, and Mr. Bitey Butt

Hopper and Mo (Teils)- Hoppy Hoppy Mo Mo which I sing to them!
Posted By: angelinasmom

Re: Nicknames/ Pet Names for our Toos - 01/20/11 06:00 AM

what a cute topic/ Angelina became weenus, because my grandson coulont say her name and that now has progressed to everyone calling her weenie and she gets so excited when people call her that
Posted By: Janny

Re: Nicknames/ Pet Names for our Toos - 01/20/11 06:29 PM

Although not the nicest of pet names...Dave refers to the majority of the birds as "buzzards" lol.There are two that are the exception to the rule though...that is Helen (he is scared she would torture him more if he called her a buzzard) and then Cricket aka Cricky...she could never be referred to as a buzzard because of how much of a "diva" she is....
Posted By: CharlieandCasper

Re: Nicknames/ Pet Names for our Toos - 01/20/11 11:09 PM

Well Cassie is just Cassie most of the time. She does get the occasional "brat", but mostly under my breath:) And only cause I love her to peices. Last night I was told (by her chosen one) That she doesnt like to be called a "Pretty Bird" ahem she likes to be called a "Pretty Girl"! He is in love with her :P I am chopped liver i guess.
Charlie is "My little old man", and "My little owl". When his crest isnt up and he is relaxing on his perch, he reminds me of the owls at the rescue I volunteered at:)
Posted By: FeatheredAngels

Re: Nicknames/ Pet Names for our Toos - 01/22/11 08:41 PM

Hubby just pointed out that I omitted one of Ozzy's nicknames that we use frequently....MONSTER lol. We do call him this a great deal but with love. If you ask him if he is a monster he will make baby peeps at us, then we call him baby monster of course lol. He thinks this is funny and laughs also.
Posted By: carat

Re: Nicknames/ Pet Names for our Toos - 01/22/11 10:42 PM

Thanks for the merge, I hadn't realized there was that other thread out there.

Baby earned new nicknames since my last visit here. She is now also Monkey Bird and Chimpantoo from all the climbing around her cage and perch and onto the couch that she's been doing lately. =)
Posted By: GlinkaToo

Re: Nicknames/ Pet Names for our Toos - 03/04/11 02:59 AM

Maglinka the LSC2 is: Mags, Maggie, Glink, Glinka Dinks or Glinky Dinks. Pretty bird and big bird get tossed around when dancing is involved. Chicken is one when she climbs down from the cage and runs around, I like to say Run chicken, run!
Posted By: muse

Re: Nicknames/ Pet Names for our Toos - 03/05/11 03:32 PM

Lol I love this thread

Napolean is aka "biggie B" (u2)
Baby is aka "baby snookies or snooks" (u2)
Buttercup is aka "Butterbutt' (g2)
Snuggles is aka "nugglebear'' (sun conjure)

And here I was the only one who "pet named" their babies!!! LOL
Posted By: BSB00

Re: Nicknames/ Pet Names for our Toos - 03/07/11 03:07 AM

Melissa is

A Chicken in a Box when she is GOOD

and a

Box of Chicken when she is BAD
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