Putting the word out

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Putting the word out - 05/05/05 08:14 AM

I thought you may like to see one of the responses I received from pasting the link from the letters/articles page from here to another birdboard (I wasnt sure where to post this so I appologise if it should be elsewhere)

I just spent over an hour reading through that website! Cockatoos are one of my favourite birds in the whole world and i sometimes think how lovely it would be to own one. Now i think it's much kinder to watch them in the wild! I can't believe the stories on that website....they are so horrible and heart breaking! Thank you for sharing that site with us.


Use the talents you possess - for the woods would be a very silent place if no birds sang except for the best.
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Re: Putting the word out - 05/05/05 01:57 PM

Welcome! It is a treat to have one of these lovely birds. Don't let the horror stories discourage you from ever looking in local rescue shelters just incase your urge to want to care for one becomes very strong. There are a lot of birds out there that need good homes. They are a lot of work, but if you find that you can provide the care that they need, don't hesitate to save one!
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Re: Putting the word out - 05/05/05 06:09 PM

Hi Magenta and thankyou smile The comment part was a copy paste, a remark that a friend of mine from another site made after id posted the link to the letters page here. I do rescue, the little ones though at the moment, but I guess its only a matter of time before one of the big boys pins me into a corner and says ''you WILL take me in and love me, because I have CHOSEN you!!'' And then what can I do, I cant argue with a wise bird now can I? smile
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Re: Putting the word out - 05/06/05 02:46 AM

welcome wishful,
the little ones need us just as much, and i thank you on their behalf. once the word gets out that you rescue birds all kinds of things start showing up on you doorstep. don't be afraid to admit that some are more than you can handle, and try to network with those who can.
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Re: Putting the word out - 05/06/05 04:52 PM

Thankyou Flowerchild, and yes, word is getting about that I am willing and happy to take in the small, unwanted or harmed, or sick birds, and already, I have had to say No to some larger ones. Mainly because the ones in need, well, Im just not experienced enough to deal competently (IMHO) with hte severity of the problems these birds are suffering from. Its not easy though, because I know I would love them enough, but I know love alone isnt neccessarily enough. Im trying to help a lady out at the moment, with a SC2, he has had 3 homes already, and is approaching 6yrs old. In her own words, ''even for a cockatoo, he is extremely distubed, very dangerous, and he is unhappy''. She said he desperately needs to be in a large aviary environment, flying around with the compnay of his own sort, and that a house home would destroy him even more, as he is sure to be passed on yet again. Im trying hard to help her find such a place for him, where he will be ''free-ish'' and watched over and cared for by experts in the field. Its not easy. Somewhere on the lines of Longleet (UK) would possibly be ideal for this much loved, but unhappy bird. So hard to find though.
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Re: Putting the word out - 05/06/05 08:45 PM

bless you for knowing your limits. too many people don't and become overwhelmed and all their birds suffer. love is alot, but it's not enough! they need vet care, and time, etc, etc.
that poor sc2, i wonder if he's sick,and pain is causing his problems. do you know if he's seen a vet? are you in the uk? i'm wondering how far away you are, and if i can help in any way.
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Re: Putting the word out - 05/07/05 03:49 AM

Flowerchild, yes, I am in the UK. I do know my limits, but accepting them, and living by them, well, its tough, its hard. I hate admitting to them, simply because it restricts me, you know??? Its horrible admitting limits when it means 'turning away' frown Not easy to do when you love everything feathered frown I think this woman would pass her beloved, screwed up friend to me, but it guts me to KNOW that Im not what this darling bird needs. Are you in the UK ? If you can help, His carer would be overjoyed. She cant give him what he needs, he can NOT be a house bird (I would take that step if he could) He is all cockatoo, he is LOST in captivity. His name is Sam, and Sam openly cries out for 'birdliness'. He isnt mean, he asks verbally for wing rubs, yet cries like a baby a lot of the time, and also will attack all who try to love him. I think thats becasue we who want to love him, we arnt birds. We are not what he needs. This is the part of rescue and 'awareness' that breaks my heart. I mean well, but i dont possess the power to give back freedom, and naturality.
Still, No-one said it would be easy fun.
What a sad old mess, eh?
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Re: Putting the word out - 05/09/05 10:32 PM

oh wonderful wishful smile

small birds are in desperate need of rescue

how long have you had a rescue? how many birds have you placed in loving homes?
UK is lucky to have you


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Re: Putting the word out - 05/09/05 10:58 PM

I just take in little ones but i only have 3 two were rescues, one not a bad case, one was. I dont have a 'rescue' at all, certainly not what people would class as a 'rescue' anyway!Ive been asked to have bigger birds, a patty conure, a u2, that was a good while back tho. I am a member of two rescueorganisations, and put posters up locally, so sometimes people contact me through them, then i go running to the real rescues and via them, and their advice and help, try and help the people who contact me. The 'too in need of help at the moment, MAY be heading towards Blackpool zoo, they are building huge aviaries, and tho I dont know the guy responsible at all, he comes highly recommended by both the rescues that I try and help, so if it worked out, Id feel pretty good about that. Sams mum is a good woman, so Id love it if i helped Sam AND her, even if its only through passing info on smile
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Re: Putting the word out - 05/09/05 11:09 PM

How wonderful that Sam may have found a home in the zoo. I've worried for him since we chatted about him. You keep up the good work, you don't have to house animals to do rescue work you know. Any rescue organization is grateful for the volunteers like you who give their time and effort toward helping. I've worked with Mastiff rescue for years and even when I've not been able to foster, I still can transport and interview potential new families.

You know I have a tender spot for the angry SC2's. Mine is napping next to me now and looks like an angel. smile Keep us posted on Sam's progress.
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Re: Putting the word out - 05/09/05 11:22 PM

oh sorry wishfulll guess I misunderstood when you said you "do rescue"- I thought that meant you do rescue

taking in birds in need is an honourable thing

(Rhonda is a great example with Billy boy smile )


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Re: Putting the word out - 05/09/05 11:36 PM

'i do rescue' as apposed to 'i do buy' etc, meaning any bird I home now, or from 'realisation' onwards will be a rescue case.(Am rather puzzled by the remark though, if taking in birds that are distressed, ill, or in danger or in need of a good home isnt rescue, what IS rescue?? Even if the numbers are limited?) One day, I will run a rescue, as in recognised rescue, but it wont be big affair, I know that, but it will be proper, and organised, and I'll do rehomes to carefully selected people. Even now, at this point, if more than a couple or so little birds came my way, Id have to start thinking about good homes, Im not equiped to do that much. One more, or 3 more, Id have to draw the line then i think, but in time, it will change, but not too much hopefully. I intend to do it right. Its a dream, but its an achievable one. Are you a registered rescue Brody?
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Re: Putting the word out - 05/14/05 05:28 AM

i am not in the uk, but the zoo sounds like a much better bet than i. let us know how it plays out.
it is hard to realize that we can't save them all ourselves. that's why the networking that goes on here and elsewhere is a godsend to pets in distress everywhere. if you can't help, you try to find someone who can. this is part of rescue-no one can do it alone.
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