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Hello, im 13 and am beginning to get interested in cockatoos(my science teacher has one) I know you may think im young but i would like to know the average price of a cockatoo, without supplies or cages( i might be able to get a cage form my teacher). So if you know could you please post?

Thanks for your help,
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Kayla,It depends on the type of too you're interested in-but remember the purchase price is just the begining.You need money for vet visits(avian vet)fresh fruits and veggies,toys and more toys,play stands,damage repair ect.I spend about 200.00 a month on my 2 toos-mostly vet bills and food.Too prices can range from 600-4000 dollars.If you adopt you can get some wonderful birds that are in need of good homes.Do you have any bird experience?If not please reconsider a too-they are not easy birds and definatly not starter birds-if you have never had birds a cockatiel,budgie or conure might be a good place to start.Also how do your parents feel about a loud,demanding bird who will live 60-80 years?Keep researching and learning.I hope you find your feathered companion.Marla
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Hi Kayla,
Welcome to the board. Cockatoo prices vary greatly depending on species and age. There are many given up to rescues because they are so hard to live w/ that many ppl tire of them. I strongly urge you to try your hand at an easier bird 1st; a cockatoo is not a good "starter bird" for anyone (adult or child) but if you insist on a 'Too it MUST be a family decision for the responsibility will fall on your parents should you go to college. To get an idea of a cockatoo's price you can do a search for cockatoo breeders and they usually list the prices.

Please also consider the cost of keeping a bird, you can read this article "Keeping a Parrot Happy and Healthy, The Costs" here You should take the time to read that site it is one of many rescues slap full of parrots that people "thought" they were ready for ....
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Is there a particular bird you would reccomend as a starter bird??
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I would recommend a cockatiel for a first bird. A cockatiel can be quite entertaining & my cockatiel talks quite a bit more than my too. But to answer your question -- my too cost $1,000.00. For that price we also got her cage which was too small. The first thing that we had to do was to buy a decent size cage & we found a bargain at $600.00. Of course, she didn't have enough toys. Cockatoos need to have a lot of toys & of course, the main purpose is to destroy the toys. Every month she gets several new toys. Right now she is in her cage with 20+ toys. Toys for bigger birds can run anywhere from $25 to $50+. Toys are important though, I've seen a couple toos with either no toys or only a few toys & they looked miserable. As far as food goes, my bird eats zupreem & harrisons & a variety of hard to find foods. Last weekend I went out to get her some different treats (that was over $70). The honest truth that if your decision is based on money alone, a too is very expensive. They require a lot of toys, a big cage, etc. If you are going to keep a too right it will cost a lot. I have to drive about 45 minutes to go to an avian vet & that is expensive too. Luckily I haven't had any health problems with my bird but you have to take even a well too for occasionally check ups. And if this is your first bird, you may find a too to be toooo much. There is a lot more to consider in addition to the costs. Toos are also very noisy (not talking but screaming). A lot of toos are resold & rehomed because people got them as a first bird & found out the hard way that they were too much bird for them. Think it over carefully, consider the cost, the noise and the 60+ year committment.
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Congratulations on taking the time to do some research. That is a very responsible thing to do and to be honest, most adults don't bother. I agree that a cockatiel would be a great introduction into aviculture. I began my love affair with birds with a little cockatiel. I have 5 rescued/adopted cockatoos and can attest to the time and expenseof cockatoos. Visit with your parents about the start-up and maint. cost of buying a baby vs adopting a rehomed bird (not all rehomed birds are old. I have received several birds under a year old). Contact your local bird club, avian vet, and/or local newspapers about birds needing to be rehomed. Don't rush into anything, take the time to find a bird that chooses you.

At 13 you are just beginning to enter a busy stage of your life. If you establish a routine in the very beginning, but keep it flexible, you and your new friend should be able to have plenty of time to hang-out together. Get up earlier in mornings so you can share breakfast with your bird and maybe watch a few cartoons before your off to school. When you get home in the afternoon, don't forget to get your buddy out of his "room" to enjoy a healthy snack with you while you do homework. My birds all enjoy hanging out with me while I do my household chores. Time together doesn't have to be constantly one-on-one. Contact calls while out of sight can ease anxiety. Our contact call is "PEEK-A-BOO". After you have established a routine, keeping your bird healthy and happy isn't that hard. Fresh food (varied diet, not seeds) & water at least twice a day, clean cage, showers, toys, and quality time with you is a strong foundation, add vet care when needed. Good luck.

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I've begun to research cokatiels and it turns out one of my dad's employees has 9 and she may be able to give me one. I hope so. Anyone know what supplies you need for a cockatiel??
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Your "?" was answered here;f=11;t=000129
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I think Budgies are best for starter birds.I don't know what it is about them but they have so much personality.I have cockatoo but I still love my Budgies.
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Hello Kayla,
You are so smart to be doing your research before getting your bird!!! I went through the same thing when deciding what type of bird to buy my 13 year old son. He wanted a Cockatoo like mine but I wouldn't do that to either one of them!!! I did a lot of research on different types of birds and I ended up buying him a Senegal Parrot. These are colorful, loving, sweet little critters. This bird adores my son. He will walk all the way across the floor to greet him when he comes home from school. This has been so good for my son. Make sure that your folks are willing to help out. Birds are a family thing, you always need a hand now and then for the good of the bird. I got my son's senegal parrot at a rescue shelter and donated $500 for bird, cage & supplies. I believe at the store they cost around $350 for just the bird and I feel the shelter should get the same for a hand raised baby like my son has. I strongly believe in rescue shelters and giving homes to birds in need. I hope that you will consider this? These birds need us as much as we need them!!! Good Luck Kayla, you are a smart young lady!!! Cynthia
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