Can I deal with 50 more years?

Posted By: Chuckledoo

Can I deal with 50 more years? - 06/03/06 11:39 PM

I just sent an email to the oasis sanctuary to see what the qualifications are about accepting new birds.Maybe Im just having a bad day,but its getting to be too much with chuckles.He is so bonded to me,he just wants to kill everyone else!!!I just wish he could live a normal free life!!!The biting is starting again.He cant be out of his cage when anyone else is around,or I get bitten because I wont let him attack anyone.How do you get them to be calm around other people????????????????He is so sweet when its just me and him.Sorry for rambling on so much!Just whhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Relle

Re: Can I deal with 50 more years? - 06/04/06 12:19 AM

I don't know about other people but (and I hate to admit it!) sometimes I DREAM of a life without my birdies! Particularly after having been bit (when I can't figure out WHY???), or a prolonged 6 hour screaming session, or having to make arrangements to have my Mom come everyday at noon because I work from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and then I can't go anywhere or do anything afterwards, or spending $300 I don't have on toys that either they won't play with or they love and then don't last even an hour! Thankfully (for me, at least), this frustration doesn't last very long. I watch them, play with them, listen to them, pet them and realize all over again why I love them smile And this might sound really sick frown but I remember feeling this way about my kids sometimes! And now I wish I could have that time back...worse, and better with birds I guess, because they will NEVER grow I'm typing this, Cricket is being EXTRA sweet, sitting beside me saying, "I love you" and rubbing her cheek on my arm smile
Posted By: Casper MSC

Re: Can I deal with 50 more years? - 06/04/06 02:36 AM

I do know the feeling of just not wanting to do this any more. And those feelings are almost overwhelming on the days I get badly bitten. There are other times when I think of the damage he could do to my grandchildren and do it so fast I might not be able to prevent it. However I have never had to deal with his attacking other people. Oddly he seems to like having other people around. I am the only one who handles him so I am the one who gets bit.

There is a bird list on Yahoo that deals with training birds with the clicker. You might want to check that list out. I can see in my mind some of the steps to teach him to be more coorapative. But you would get more ideas if you post on that list.

If he is flighted you might want to consider clipping him to help prevent movement when he attacks. I might carry a towel when I was dealing with him to use as a barrier between him and his intended victim.

Good luck.

Posted By: Casper MSC

Re: Can I deal with 50 more years? - 06/07/06 08:49 PM


How is it going? Where are you today emotionally?

Hope things are brighter today.

Posted By: Chuckledoo

Re: Can I deal with 50 more years? - 06/08/06 09:36 PM

thanks casper!!!
Things are good.I was just very frustrated that day.Sometimes it is totally overwhelming.It helps to see that Im not alone.Chuckles is such a good bird,(not plucking excessivly,mutilating)sometimes we need a break or to vent.I dont think I could ever give him up anyway!!Thanks again for the support!!
Posted By: citrinocristata

Re: Can I deal with 50 more years? - 06/08/06 09:50 PM

Hi Chuckledoo,

Try not to cuddle with him, as much as he likes it, he's not benefitting from it. He attacks other people because his hormones are raging (how old is he?) and he thinks of you as his partner.

Try to have a teacher-pupile relation with him, not a partner relation. Only give him a pet or scratch as a REWARD FOR GOOD BEHAVIOR (eg stepping up). Don't scratch him because he puts his head down and looks so cute. Parrots, especially cockatoos, get very, very insecure when they can overrule 'their humans'.

Good luck.

Posted By: Chuckledoo

Re: Can I deal with 50 more years? - 06/08/06 10:22 PM

hello citronocristata,

I think he is around 8 or 9 years old now.I have had him since 2001 and I was told he was 3 or 4 then.He is also jelous of Wakka(catalina macaw)I got her about a year and a half ago.They can be out together supervised only.Wakka is huge and chuckles is also scared of her.By the way,Im a big softy or a push over,they both know this!!!
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