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grooming - 04/04/06 10:01 PM

i have a U2 that i rescued......when i 1st got Cheeko.....he was just kinda "stand offish" to humans....he had a better relationship with the dog...he wouldnt try to bite, snap, or hiss at humans....he would just run away.....recently he has become more affectionate to me and other....and likes to be rubbed all day.....but here is the problem......his nails are in need of a trim...and his wings need to be clipped.....i have a feeling he will become hostile....if i take him in to get groomed....kinda like breaking out trust.....any advise?
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Re: grooming - 04/04/06 10:05 PM

Take him to the vet and leave the room while the vet does the dirty work. You can then come in and "rescue" him from the big bad vet with no hard feelings from Cheeko. Good luck! smile
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Re: grooming - 04/04/06 10:10 PM

thanxs buffy
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Re: grooming - 04/05/06 02:17 AM

Hi sleeepyeyz

If your U2 is anything like our M2, the nails will be pointy sharp in a few weeks. We let the vet do the nails the first time but within maybe 2 weeks they were drawing blood on my arm again. So after that I just blunt them with an emery board every 10-14 days. I couldn't understand how the nails were getting sharp so quickly. Then I figured out she resharpens her nails with her beak. But after going though a number of nails files, I switched to 220 grit sandpaper. So now we have our bi-weekly ritual in which she sits on my knee while I do her nails. She immediately starts to resharpen the finsished one, nibble on my fingers, and poke holes in the sand paper. <img border="0" alt="[laughing]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh[1].gif" />
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