15 yrs old C2

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15 yrs old C2 - 12/21/05 01:20 PM

Hello everyone,

I was looking through the new papers and found a 15 yrs female C2 for sale $800. I called the owner up and ask him a couple of question. This is what he told me. "I hand rise her (c2) 15yrs ago and now I'm marriage and have a dog. I have to find her (c2) a new home." I went to his house tonight to take a look at her, and she look very tamed. The owner took her out of the cage and put her on the flood and see if she reactive to me. She takes a sweet time and walk over to check me out after the third time she came climb on my leg. I know this is a good sign, but I still don't think after 15 yrs, this C2 will be able to bond with another person. What is everyone opinions.

Oh one more thing I notice about the birds is her beak Malocclusion is this normal for a too.

Thank in advance for all advice.
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Re: 15 yrs old C2 - 12/21/05 02:07 PM

As long as you strive to bond with the Too, she can make a bond with a new person. It doesn't always come easily, though, but it is possible.

I suggest you continue to make visits, offering the Too treats and possibly a new toy and see how the bird continues to react to you. Toos generally don't forget anything over time, so she will remember you with each visit. If things go great, then perhaps it will work for you.

Ask the owner about recent vet visits and if there are any medical records. Are they giving you the cage with that $800? I am not a big fan of people who try to make money while rehoming their birds, but at least the money won't be going into purchasing a new bird.
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Re: 15 yrs old C2 - 12/21/05 06:05 PM

Hello Magenta,

Thanks for the reply and info. Owner wants $800.00 plus cage and toys. By the way was wondering do you know anything about too beak (Malocclusion). I tried searching the forum with this topic, but have not much of luck or point me to the right direction.

Again I THANK YOU for the support and knowledge each one of you provides.
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Re: 15 yrs old C2 - 12/21/05 06:28 PM

Can you be a little more specific about "malocclusion". My understanding of the word is just "bad bite". Does she have a cross bill or an underbite? An overbite is normal, which is sometimes called malocclusion in dogs...some clarification might help.

You may want to search on "underbite" or "cross bill" or "scissors beak" since those terms are more familiar.

Most of the time, though, as long as she's not having problems eating, she'll be okay. A good avian vet could tell you for sure or give you a special diet.

I have mixed feelings about the price of the bird. I know that some people don't want to give away a "free" pet because they want the buyer to have more value for him/her, but I really don't idea of someone selling a pet for profit.

Good luck.
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Re: 15 yrs old C2 - 12/21/05 06:40 PM

My goffins too has a scissor beak. We do have to keep it trimmed but other than that he is no different from my other birds.
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Re: 15 yrs old C2 - 12/21/05 06:47 PM

I noticed you live in Hawaii--and here in So Calif, I often see birds for sale with cage and toys included. I think $800 for cage and toys included is not unfair. I have often seen the abbreviation of "obo" in these sale ads. I take this to mean "or best offer." African greys and cockatoos are easy to purchase. I think it's best not to give a parrot away unless to a trusted friend who wants a bird. At least if somebody is willing to pay a decent, yet fair, amount for a bird with cage, it's a positive sign they aren't going to turn around and try and resell the bird to somebody else. I wish I weren't this skeptical. I have seen and heard too much, I suppose. $800 sounds about right to me. Some ask more, but I suppose they negotiate?
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Re: 15 yrs old C2 - 12/21/05 07:20 PM

Hello Mr Mollie Mom ,

Thanks for the replied. I might have used the wrong word (Malocclusion) beak. I’m going to try to describe it. Her beak seem to have over grown, the old top layer is peeling off and the new layer underneath is grown. Some people said is because the nature of the too. In the wild they wear it down by peaking on rock…..etc.

Oh by the way anyone knows any rescue group or adoption in Honolulu or a good link….

I would rather adopt then buying one.

Thank all for the replied
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Re: 15 yrs old C2 - 12/21/05 07:22 PM

Hello Lori and Alger, laugh
Thanks for the replied.
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Re: 15 yrs old C2 - 12/21/05 07:50 PM

Toos do need lots of toys to chew on in order to keep their beaks healthy, but an overgrown beak is not natural to cockatoos. If the too has a malocclusion that means the upper and lower mandibles don't meet properly. It's like a human having an overbite. If the beak is actually overgrown, and it's not because of an improper bite, that could be a sign of another kind of health condition. Sometimes beaks will overgrow because of a thyroid problem. In any case if you decide to take this bird on you need to have him examined by a qualified avian vet.
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Re: 15 yrs old C2 - 12/22/05 10:36 PM

What is the beak problem??? I have just had surgery for my D2's underbite. I am wondering if that is what it is- apparently prevelent in toos.
If that is the case- you are looking at taking the bird to the vet a few times a year (or more in my case)- for beak grinding/trimming. In my case it would have been taking him at least every 3 months...and I opted for surgery (that may not even work) ...but because he was young, tried. Don't know the outcome yet.
Tell me what the beak prob. is....could be potential vet bills. I am thinking its an underbite because that is prevelent in toos from what I have learned- and there are minor ones, and major ones, so you should know what you are getting into. I don't know about scissors beak and all the other ones- but I can certainly help if he has the "underbite".

OH- and definitely take him to a qualified vet first- no matter what the beak abnormality is- so you can get an idea of what you have to do to keep it under control. No big deal taking them for beak grindings- but you HAVE to do it if its not right- they can't even preem themselves properly if this is not cared for constantley. He is older though, so sounds like he is ok- but he could probably be better with a few beak trimmings a year.

Sorry- now that I am reading, may have posted too fast (can't help it- my baby just had surgery for his beak).
It sounds like something else- and definitely sounds like a vet needs to see him regardless of what it is. I jumped in too quick...sorry!
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Re: 15 yrs old C2 - 12/23/05 05:59 AM

I just want to say thank everyone for replied……
Now the price for the too, what is seemed reasonable offer? The owner is asking for $800 plus case, toy……..etc. I would like everyone opinion.
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Re: 15 yrs old C2 - 12/27/05 05:04 AM

I would think $800 for a cockatoo, cage, and toys is not out of line. You want to plan at least that much again for vet check, any treatment the bird may need, and whatever foods, new toys, and other "incidentals" you may buy. (If you spend less, let it be a pleasant surprise wink ) If the cage and toys cost extra, check out the prices of cages on ebay, and compare. The one thing you don't want to do is have the bird in a cage that's too small. (Jerry says all cages are too small, but some are worse than others.) She needs room to climb, swing, play, eat, and sleep. Assorted perches of different diameters are important, but you can use tree branches or assorted-size dowels for this. (Be sure you use only safe kinds of wood; there is a list elsewhere on this site.) If the cage is big enough to allow for these activities, $800 is not too much. If it's too small, try to negotiate, but plan on spending several hundred dollars for a cage.
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Re: 15 yrs old C2 - 12/27/05 06:53 PM

I would try to get the Too & its cage for $800.Tell them you need the extra money to take it to the vet. esp.for it's beak problem. We just took in 10yr old umbrella Too yesterday,she will be at the vets this afternoon.Her beak has a deep line across the bottom of it,I hope that is not a problem.She sure is eating good though.Let us know what you decide.I'm always for giving a bird a good home.
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Re: 15 yrs old C2 - 12/28/05 03:57 AM

I payed $800 for Nikki he came with cage, stand. and food
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Re: 15 yrs old C2 - 01/03/06 01:53 AM

I paid $1200 for Cricket (C2) and they shipped her with a couple of toys and paid $800 for Bud-Bud (G2) with his cage, which was completely useless as I wouldn't have housed a budgie in it! And he had no toys at his former home. frown
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