Weak feet

Posted By: Linus&Nancy

Weak feet - 09/11/05 08:12 AM

I have an 8 month old Umbrella cockatoo. I am wondering if it is normal for them to have slightly weak feet. I have been used to dealing with a 10 year old female umbrella..that has quite the grip.. but the 8 month old more or less "balances" rather than grips. Is this normal? or something i should be concerned about.. ?
Posted By: nanis mom

Re: Weak feet - 09/11/05 03:50 PM

I am not an expert, but it took my M2 a while to develop balance, perching, stepping up, and gripping, but at 8 months she was doing quite well. Possibly they all develop differently and at different rates. Hopefully someone else will be able to answer your question better.
Posted By: flowerchild

Re: Weak feet - 09/11/05 03:55 PM

i've been considering the situation from the opposite perspective. pedro (dyha,with me 20 yrs) rests on my arm wtih complete confidence, joey (lsc, with me 17 mo) has a death grip, nails very sharp, (though they were recently trimmed.) it seems to me that pedro feels safe with me and has no fear of falling. she flies well, even with clipped wings she can control the glide. joey, i believe, is used to being clipped so severely that she never learned to fly well, and her fear of falling is very intense. i have let her wings grow out, recently doing a very limited clip, encouraging her to use her wings. i hope she feels more secure as time goes on. maybe your baby just feels less threatened. is the older bird more insecure in general? i don't think his feet are weak, he holds things well, right? that seems to be the biggest difference in mine, though this is just speculation on my part. anyone else have thoughts on this?
Posted By: Johnnie

Re: Weak feet - 09/11/05 04:19 PM

I would have to agree your bird is at the clumsy age right now. Nothing works quite the way it's suppose to but don't worry he will get his balance very soon.I still love watching my birds walk on the floor now. Sometimes they waddle and sometimes they do the hop about it realy makes me laugh. But don't worry as was mentioned already the larger birds are a litle off balance until they get older.

Posted By: nanis mom

Re: Weak feet - 09/11/05 06:42 PM

I love that little hop run thing they do on the floor. Sometimes Nani gets moving so fast she trips over her big feet. So cute.

On the other note, I have an Amazon with arthritic changes in his left foot. he does not have full control of his toes, but he definitely can still grip tight. He loves hanging upside down and swinging.
Posted By: Linus&Nancy

Re: Weak feet - 09/11/05 11:36 PM

Thanks ya'll i really appreciate the feedback. I think that it just might be his age. He is MOST uncoordinated.. it is quite funny to watch him try and grab pellets with his feet..he kind of sneeks up on them sideways..and sticks his foot in the bowl. I just laugh. It might be that he is very comfortable with me and just doesnt grip so tight. I would hope that that is the case. I did notice a little while ago.. that after we had cuddle/play time..i went to put him back in his house (which is a double mccaw cage..more than enough room thankgoodness!)..he did not want to go back..and i got a stronger grip on my hand..which is encouraging.
again thankyou for keeping me from freaking out. I do so love to learn all i can about him to help make his life more meaningful and exciting.
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