Ring on foot??

Posted By: Brian

Ring on foot?? - 03/02/04 08:41 PM

Hi people, I have a question I thought some of you may be able to help me with. We have just lost our maluccan cockatoo that we have had for apprx. 23 years. We have no clue how old she was since she was caught in the wild and brought over here. My question, we have the ring that was around her foot, does anyone know if we can get any information from that, it has numbers and letters on it. We would also love to know how old she was, she has laid eggs up until about 6-8 years ago, would this be any indication of how old she may have been??? Thanks for any help you may have, Brian
Posted By: Frosty's Mom

Re: Ring on foot?? - 03/02/04 08:54 PM

I have no information to offer you regarding the leg band. However, I do send my condolences on your loss.
Posted By: liviray

Re: Ring on foot?? - 03/02/04 09:00 PM

I note that you are a new member, and I want to extend a warm welcome. If you look at the top of the page you will see a search link. Post legband and or wild caught and you will bring up a number of topics on this issue along with what the leg band information means. I would give you the direct link but Im unsure how to add it to my post. Wishing you well.....
Posted By: Brian

Re: Ring on foot?? - 03/02/04 09:09 PM

Thank you Frosty's Mom and Liviray, Ill do the search.
Posted By: Ladyhawk

Re: Ring on foot?? - 03/03/04 05:20 AM

Try these:

I'm sorry you lost your family member; I hope her final years with you were good ones.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Ring on foot?? - 03/03/04 11:48 PM

I too want to express my sympathy to you and your family for the loss of your family member. Janet
Posted By: Brian

Re: Ring on foot?? - 03/04/04 04:29 PM

THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH. Im kinda torn as to try and figure this out or just let it rest. I think Im just gonna let it rest and assume she was an older bird and since it was the lack of red blood cells assume it was cancer.

Again THANK YOU all very much.
Posted By: brody

Re: Ring on foot?? - 03/04/04 04:35 PM

my hear goes out to you on your loss- if there are numbers sideways on the band they are probably her hatch year

hang in there

Posted By: My Sammy

Re: Ring on foot?? - 03/05/04 09:52 PM

Brian, I am so sorry about your loss, I cant imagine ever losing Sammy and I have only had him for 2.5 months.... but he has a leg band it reads:MCA92, that means he was a Murray Creek Aviary bird and he was born in 92!
My heart goes out to you and your family, like I said these family members are very hard to replace if at all. shocked
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